Why I Teach: Laura Brager

LBcropOur “Why I Teach” series continues with Laura Brager, who joined the CCSC high school math faculty this year after completing the MATCH Teacher Residency. She taught in our Summer Academy, where she got to know her 7th grade advisees, and coaches varsity girls soccer.

Why I Teach: Laura Brager

Deciding to study math in college was easy. Deciding what to do with that major afterwards was much harder until I realized that education was the thing I found myself most passionate about. One of my high school history teachers finished the year by saying to our class, “I’ve taught you 4,000 years of history. Now it’s up to you to make history.” It was cheesy, but the sentiment has stuck with me and I can’t think of a better way to make history than to teach those students who are the future.

I’m excited to be at CCSC because nowhere else can you truly learn the meaning of citizenship. Whether you’re a student, staff, or faculty, it’s impossible not to know that someone is always looking out for you. Even after just one visit to CCSC and talking to a handful of students, I could tell how strong the sense of community was here.

I’m also looking forward to witnessing firsthand the amazing work that CCSC students put in every day. The incredible commitment that CCSC students embody is definitely evident in everything they do. I can’t wait to push my students past what they think is their limit. CCSC students are already encouraged to think deeper about the skills and concepts that they are learning and that will be no different in my class. I refuse to have any student leave my class thinking they “just don’t get math” and maybe they’ll even find themselves enjoying it.

A graduate of Emory University, Ms. Brager teaches AP Calculus and Algebra 2 and advises 7th grade students. She coached girls varsity soccer in the fall.


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