Welcome New Faculty!

_DSC0004The 2013-14 school year officially began today with the first of three days of orientation sessions for new CCSC faculty. All returning faculty and staff will report on August 15th for professional development and planning meetings that run until the first day of classes on Wednesday, August 28th.

_DSC0006With so many new systems, policies, and names to learn, teachers are getting a taste of the information overload that new students typically experience during the first week of Summer Academy — and an appreciation for why having four weeks of Summer Academy is so important to helping new students make a smooth transition.

As an icebreaker and a leg-stretcher after a morning in class, Vanessa Barrios (director of guidance and counseling) designed a scavenger hunt in which new faculty fanned out in teams to find clues scattered across CCSC’s three buildings. Along the way they learned such essentials as where to get Tylenol and sore throat remedies (the school nurse’s office) and where to find coffee, classroom supplies, and their snail mail (the faculty lounges). One of the new teachers, Chase Ferree, had a head start, having been one of the Match Teacher Residents who taught at Summer Academy, and another team had help from Colin Bereth (associate teacher) who was a mid-year hire last spring.

Welcome to our new faculty:

Nathan Dineen, Lower School Associate Principal
Laura Efron, Spanish teacher
Sarah-Mei Estrada, math teacher
Chase Ferree, humanities teacher (11th & 12th grade English)
Laura Giardano, counseling intern
Erin King, principal intern
Eva Lam, humanities teacher (upper school history)
Erika Lowden, math and science teacher
Jeff Molk, science teacher
Megan Mulert, math teacher
Richelle Richards, science teacher
Kim Stewart, learning specialist

In addition, we welcome back two former interns, Emily Niska (humanities teacher) and Isaac Hendrickson (guidance counselor), who are joining the faculty this year. Two new staff members, Tara Atkins (upper school receptionist) and Brandon Reid (maintenance technician), started their positions over the summer and are already old hands.



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