The Weekly Shout Out Tradition

commitment & scholarhsip bannersWith just 360 students in grades 7-12, CCSC is a small school where every individual is well known in the community. One of the ways we support and appreciate each other is through the tradition of Thursday Shout Outs, or “Thank You Thursday.”

Each week, Lower School Principal Becki Norris solicits shout outs from faculty, staff and students who wish to recognize and thank each other for acts that exemplify CCSC’s core values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

The Shout Out tradition started informally several years ago when math teacher Tabitha Schober visited another charter school that asked students and teachers to share Shout Outs in Morning Meeting. Ms. Schober introduced the idea to CCSC’s advisors, and many of them adopted it. In 2011, when Ms. Norris took on the role of Lower School Principal, she decided to have a different theme for Morning Meeting each day of the week. Depending on the day, students might answer trivia questions, get drilled in topics they’re learning in their classes, or hear Shout Outs. All of the week’s Shout Outs are read during Morning Meeting each Thursday, with much fanfare and cheering for the students and teachers who are recognized.

Ms. Norris says, “Morning Meeting is a time when school-wide announcements are read each day. These announcements might be about lunch form due dates, club meeting reminders, etc. – not always the most exciting topics! But Morning Meeting is students’ first experience each day before they attend their classes, and I wanted it to have a positive, enthusiastic tone. Shout Outs, trivia questions, and other Morning Meeting traditions have taken those 7 minutes at a sleepy time of day and turned them into a fantastic way to motivate and energize the members of our community.”

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