Thank-You Thursday (on a Friday!) 11.03.17

Middle School:

  • To HEAVEN for CITIZENSHIP: Collecting homework scores and being kind to a classmate having a hard time.
  • To MELANIE for COMMITMENT: Asking for help and coming after school to work on assignments.
  • To SORAYA for CITIZENSHIP: Taking notes for a classmate while they were in the bathroom.
  • To LISA F. for SCHOLARSHIP: Expressing her love of math and doing really well in math
  • To CHRISTOPHER M. for COMMITMENT: reminding me to start handing out tickets in IMC
  • To GEO for CITIZENSHIP: always making our advisory laugh
  • To ERMEYAS for COMMITMENT: teaching a classmate how to play a card game really well in advisory
  • To MARHAWITE for CITIZENSHIP: coming after school to urban agriculture with a positive attitude
  • To AJANAE for COMMITMENT: being open about what she did well in Q1 and areas of growth
  • To NADIRA for CITIZENSHIP: consistently cleaning up our advisory space. I appreciate you!
  • To HIBA for SCHOLARSHIP: working hard on Spanish during morning meeting. The hard work paid off!
  • To JA’NIYA for COMMITMENT: bouncing back from setbacks to participate in advisory
  • To DANERY for CITIZENSHIP: respectfully listening to classmates during advisory
  • To ALEXIS for COMMITMENT: advocating for yourself and always asking questions
  • To ANTONIO for CITIZENSHIP: engaging with classmates and being a part of our community
  • To JOLIE for COMMITMENT: being on top of grades and ready to reflect on quarter 1
  • To MARLON for CITIZENSHIP: being a great friend and checking-in on classmates in advisory
  • To SORAYA for SCHOLARSHIP: Great participation in science as we begin quarter 2!
  • To AMANEALE for SCHOLARSHIP: Off to a strong start in science in quarter 2.
  • To NATALIE D.V. for SCHOLARSHIP: working HARD last week during the benchmarks!!!
  • To DULIA E. for SCHOLARSHIP: working HARD last week during the benchmarks!!!
  • To ZION C.G. for SCHOLARSHIP: working HARD last week during the benchmarks!!!
  • To MOHAMMED A. for COURAGE: settling into CCSC and having a good first quarter!
  • To BLESSING O. for COMMITMENT: always asking questions and bringing positivity into math!
  • To EDLAWIT D. and ALETHA D. for SCHOLARSHIP: for having productive discussions around math problems with seat partner
  • To JELISSA F. for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: for being a positive force in IMC and having a stellar first quarter at CCSC!
  • To PRANAWA P. for COMMITMENT: for having a strong first quarter at CCSC this year!
  • To SORAYA A. for CITIZENSHIP: for helping her peers focus and supporting them in understanding new concepts in class
  • To BRANNIA H. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a positive force in IMC
  • To MARHAWITE M. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a positive force in IMC
  • To ALEXIS N. for SCHOLARSHIP: Asking really strong questions in Humanities and providing funny comments.
  • To AJANAE H. for SCHOLARSHIP: For strong participation this week in Humanities.

High School:

  • To SAMANTA B. for COMMITMENT: Going after POSSE like nobody’s business.
  • To ALEX P. for SCHOLARSHIP: Being meticulous and thoughtful about where she’s applying to colleges.
  • To CHRISTIANA and NAKISHI for SCHOLARSHIP: for always using study hall time so wisely and staying focused the whole time.
  • To WINSTON, TESLIE, XAVIER, KENDLY, HIENZ, CARLTON, ALIYAH, CHRIST, JAYMIE, SALIEMA, AZALYDA, KEVIN for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: nice job studying at the end of Q1 – scores improved by over 10% from the physics unit test to the benchmark the following week!
  • To CAHEL S. for SCHOLARSHIP: Your total engagement for the duration of your US History benchmark was impressive.  Way to persevere!
  • To JAMAREE O. for COURAGE: Fighting through the full time of your US History benchmark, which was rumored to be a pretty tough exam.  Many people would have thrown in the towel but watching you continuously re-focus yourself was very inspiring. Happy to see you won the battle!
  • To JAMAREE and DAGEM for COMMITMENT: Pushing yourself in math, asking good questions and staying after for help.
  • To KEVIN J for SCHOLARSHIP: Always holding it down in biology!


  • To DR. MOLK for CITIZENSHIP: Stepping in to cover duties and classes at critical moments multiple times. Thank you!
  • To MS. OSEI, MS. NORRIS, MR. ISAAC, and MS. GALVIN for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: for developing such an amazing menu of interventions for CCSC that will certainly support the learning of our highest needs’ students.
  • To 6th GRADE ADVISORS for CITIZENSHIP: for setting an amazing culture in your 6th grade advisories.
  • To MR. RODENAS for CITIZENSHIP: Helping out 7th grade advisors.
  • To Mr. HOWARD for SCHOLARSHIP: Really strong guided reading lesson on the American Dream.
  • To Ms. HENRY for COMMITMENT: For helping the 7th grade team revitalize their classroom library.
  • To MR. RODENAS and MS. JEAN-LOUIS for COMMITMENT: For organizing a strong mentoring retreat this past Friday.

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