Thank You Thursday 6.15.17

It’s time for our final round of shout-outs for the year!

Students are wrapping up their last full week of classes and everyone is gearing up for Benchmarks and Roundtable presentations next week. Taking time to thank one another, even during this busy time of year, is part of what makes CCSC such a strong community.

Middle School:

  • To MOHAMED A. for COMMITMENT: Always offering to help out in science and being a great helper with laptops throughout the year.
  • To DARLENIES C. for COMMITMENT: for always being diligent about getting work done and doing your best job.
  • To HIBA E, NADIRA F, MOHAMED A, and LOGIAN A for COMMITMENT: Holding down the fort in 302 every day at lunch, bringing positive attitudes in spite of empty stomachs. Great representatives of your faith!
  • Shout out to Humanities 8.2 WINSTON, AMANUEL, JALIL, BERNICE, RODRIGUEZ, KALIYAH, CARLTON, KARLA, TIM, LEO, NEAH, BERNICE, AZALYDA, JAEDEN, DEANNA, LOVENSKEE, BRIANA, KARLEA AND KEVIN for CITIZENSHIP: creating and uplifting the classroom culture for the last work week of school. I know it was hard but we got through it together! I will miss you dearly!!
  • To ZALMA for COMMITMENT:  Always ready to share what you know about roundtable questions.
  • To MOUNA for COMMITMENT:  Never giving up on IXL standards that are challenging.
  • To KIDUS for SCHOLARSHIP:  Being an academic leader all throughout RT prep.
  • To ROWIDA for COMMITMENT:  Always ready to study for IA 4!
  • To PRIONTI for SCHOLARSHIP:  Respectfully correcting peers thinking to get their answers from good to better to best!
  • To HEINZ T-V for COMMITMENT: making a game plan to get your work in!
  • To HORUS W for CITIZENSHIP: it’s been great getting to know you better this year – you’re kind and curious and so nice to talk with!

High School:

  • To REBA-GLORY C. for COURAGE: Always saying ‘hi’ to me whenever you see me – Ms. Records
  • To DAIJA M and CALEB T for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP for staying on top of make up work all the way through the last week of school
  • To KAMARI WEAVER for CITIZENSHIP: Solid self advocacy around taking Benchmarks!
  • To MONIQUE M for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP:  Contributing her considerable musical talents and leadership skills to guiding the CCSC chorus to a beautiful performance at graduation.
  • To ALL JUNIORS for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: taking the college application essay unit seriously, agonizing over details and structure, being resourceful asking staff and classmates for feedback, and ultimately producing high-quality work
  • To ISABELLE M, YISHAK A, BRENDON B, ANDY L, and NHALA S for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: giving their peers useful feedback on college app essays. Thank you for doing my job when I couldn’t!
  • To DIANE PL, CAHEL S, WO WEI L, JEREMY D, ALI F for COURAGE: volunteering to present their Slide show early.
  • To THE 10TH GRADE for COMMITMENT: taking computer science all year as their “elective”.
  • To SAMANTA B for SCHOLARSHIP: reaching out about getting extra feedback on her RT letter
  • To ERIK L for SCHOLARSHIP: digging into in class review time rather selfishly and powerfully to prepare for next week.
  • To ALEXANDRIA P for COMMITMENT: continuing to edit her college application essay beyond the due date and in response to feedback on the rubric.
  • To ASHLEY T for SCHOLARSHIP: tackling a lengthy to do list with confidence during the most tired week of the school year.
  • To RAYKWON R for CITIZENSHIP and COURAGE: for engaging in honest, thoughtful conversations.


  • To MS. JEAN-LOUIS for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: Taking time out of lunch to have an important conversation with me and a student.
  • To MS. HENRY for COMMITMENT: Taking part of your prep period to come visit PS6
  • To MR. DINEEN for CITIZENSHIP:  Sharing a water bottle in a time of need!
  • To DR. MOLK for CITIZENSHIP: An inspired and inspiring speech at graduation!
  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: for her benevolent leadership, logistical quarterbacking , and musical talent supporting the chorus’s graduation performance
  • To MR SETON for CITIZENSHIP: For helping to put away rogue laptops Tuesday when he didn’t have to. Much appreciated!
  • To MR REID for CITIZENSHIP: For moving a really big, heavy box for me. #Hercules
  • To HUNTINGTON and LIRIANO for CITIZENSHIP for holding down 6th grade advisory with me this year—it has been a pleasure!
  • To SETON, NORRIS, HURST-HILLER, RIESER, ISAAC for CITIZENSHIP: being understanding to every kind of circumstance I have had as a Faculty member this year.
  • To DINEEN and OSEI for CITIZENSHIP: holding their head high through all usual and unusual circumstances throughout the year.
  • To the 8th grade GLT!! FOR CITIZENSHIP and COURAGE: a new team conquering 8th grade together for a whole year!! We did it!!
  • Shout out to TAPS, MR. REID, MRS. GALVIN (MEL) for COURAGE for all the work they school to provide to make things run fluidly in our community
  • To MS SONG for SCHOLARSHIP: using her boss grammar skills to give deep feedback to all juniors on their college application essays for hours and hours and hours and hours.



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