Thank You Thursday (5/27/15)

Photos by Gretchen Ertl

Here are this week’s shout-outs for the CCSC values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. Special shout-outs go out the everyone who planned and participated in last night’s Senior Internship Exhibit at Google. More photos on our Facebook page.

Middle School Shout-Outs:

  • LOVENSKEE for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: marching many miles in a parade this weekend, all while carrying (and drumming on) a heavy bass drum!
  • To GIANNI & CIARALI for COMMITMENT: very focused and hard at work on group project for the last 3 days
  • To TABLE SIX, aka ADIA, ANAJAH, NEYHLA, JASSON, & MICHAEL T, for SCHOLARSHIP: an amazing egg-drop design. I didn’t think it would work, but it did!
  • To ABIGEL, NASIR, NEYHLA, KERWEAN, SAKIB, ROHIT, and MARTHA for SCHOLARSHIP: getting 100% on the big history quiz.
  • To ARIANNA, SAMANTHA K, KEVINS, and LISA for SCHOLARSHIP: persevering to understand a really tough project topic.
  • To KEVINS, DIONNE, PEDRO, IZZY, & CIARALI for SCHOLARSHIP: using learning lab time wisely.
  • To ALISSON AND YISHAK for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: your amazing effort and sportsmanship in the classroom and on the track leaves us speechless and makes us proud.  You both embody the true meaning of “student-athlete”. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  • To SATOYA for CITIZENSHIP: Always being willing to help her friends in need.
  • To WILLY & ELMER for COURAGE: trying some awesome science experiments with guests from WGBH and MIT after school
  • To NHALA F., MARVINLEE J., LEO P.L., AKALE A., AMANUEL G., CHRIST G., MARJORIE G., MELISSA G., PATRICIA S. and TIM Z. For SCHOLARSHIP: Getting a 100% or higher on the Organelle Quiz on Monday.

High School Shout-Outs:

  • To LOVENSON for SCHOLARSHIP: much improved HW completion!
  • To SENIORS for COMMITMENT: You have completed your senior internships and we are all looking forward to hearing what you learned at Exhibit Night on Wed., 5/27.

Adult Shout-Outs:

  • To MS. DUCKWORTH for CITIZENSHIP: being an amazing intern this year. Ms. Norris is still trying to figure out how to keep you from moving to Dallas.
  • To MR GIBSON for CITIZENSHIP: Staying upbeat and positive while juggling a million balls. Go Cougars!
  • To MS. ACOSTA for CITIZENSHIP: Brightening the days of staff members with humor and compassion.
  • To MS. BARRIOS for COMMITMENT: Great teamwork in handling staff absences during testing week.
Hope many of our guests will be back next year to see our the Class of 2016 present.
Hope many of our guests will be back next year to see our the Class of 2016 present.

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