Thank You Thursday (5/1/14)

Mr. Isaac and Mr. Dineen at Super Secret Fun Day.
Mr. Isaac and Mr. Dineen at Super Secret Fun Day.

Here are this week’s shout-outs for the CCSC values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. Special shout-outs to everyone who made this year’s Super Secret Fun Day a success. (SSFD was announced during lunch on Wednesday and fun and games took place the place of  last period classes.)

7th Grade:

To AMAR A and ALEX B for COMMITMENT: For terrific attendance in Humanities center.

To ALVIN C and ABIGEL A for SCHOLARSHIP: being the only students in 7th grade to get a perfect score on the science quiz this week. Way to go!

8th Grade:

To DANIEL F for SCHOLARSHIP: Able to correctly identify each human body system in under 60 seconds.

To NHALA S for COMMITMENT: Excellent attendance in Humanities center!

To KAYLA R for COMMITMENT: Taking the time to revise her ITNOG Essay before school.

To SOSINA K, YOHANNES A, and KAYLA R for SCHOLARSHIP: Completing the extra credit HW for Humanities over the break.

9th Grade:

To NAYTHEN L for COMMITMENT: going above and beyond to follow his filmmaking dreams. Ask him to tell you about his visit with M. Night Shyamalan…

To BRYAN B for COMMITMENT: An excellent attitude and great perseverance in his classes.

To OMARI S for COMMITMENT: Dedicating himself to bringing up his grades.

To JADAA B for CITIZENSHIP: regularly helping out in the library and making bookmarks with extreme care and setting a standard for excellence.

To KYRA W for CITIZENSHIP: always checking in to see what needs to be covered or relabeled in the library and doing it efficiently and with great attention to detail.

To BRITTANY A and ALEX T for CITIZENSHIP: for stepping in and stepping up to take care of checking books in and out while I was helping with guests.

To ALWALEED A for CITIZENSHIP: Providing a book recommendation and then lending me his personal copy! Thanks!

To JULIUS U for SCHOLARSHIP: Bringing up those grades in Quarter 4 by doing his homework!

Upper School:

To NEIKA N, BRANDY B, CHREAN T, AICHA K, and AYANNA B for CITIZENSHIP & COURAGE: taking on the responsibility of breakfast and lunch distribution for the Upper School everyday – even though it is a very difficult job (and sometimes thankless) to do, but we do appreciate your volunteered efforts to keep lunch running smoothly, and making sure everyone received their meal.

To EZEKIAL W for COMMITMENT: For his good attitude and perseverance in attempting to keep his grades up.

To SYDNEY T and MARITZA C for SCHOLARSHIP: Really excellent group work and participation in working with documents this week.

To JOSEPH DD for SCHOLARSHIP: making good academic choices.

To TRISTAN P for SCHOLARSHIP: Outstanding contributions of historical evidence in yesterday’s discussion about terrorism.

To MALCOLM C, TATIANA D, CHRISTINA J, and ASHAYLA SJ for SCHOLARSHIP: Outstanding work in small-group discussions about the atomic bomb.


To MS. SWANSON for CITIZENSHIP & COURAGE:  being so very, very dependable, and always getting the task done without hesitation no matter what else is going on.  You are awesome!

To MS. HENRY and MR. FAHSEL for COMMITMENT: Being such joys to work with in the Humanities center.

To MR. TRACY for COMMITMENT: Very thorough event planning emails!

To MS. NISKA for COMMITMENT: Being a pleasure to have advisory with.  Thanks.

To MS. TUCKER and MR. MORRIS for COMMITMENT: planning a great community meeting before break!

To MR. HURST-HILLER for COMMITMENT: modeling great leadership.

To MR. TRACY for COURAGE: coordinating #SSFD2014!

To MS. MAKARIOUS for COURAGE: constantly remembering the importance of race in schools.

To MS. TECCA for COMMITMENT: Organizing an amazing group of speakers from PFLAG to present to our 9th-12th graders!

To MS. STEWART for CITIZENSHIP: Always willing to lend an open ear!

To MS. SWANSON for COMMITMENT: holding down the LS front desk and handling every task super effectively and meticulously.

To MS. POST for CITIZENSHIP: always being a warm and kind presence and providing the kids with an educational escape through reading and knowledge.

To MR. FAHSEL and MS. ALEXANDER for SCHOLARSHIP: Putting together a wonderful congressional simulation

To MR. HURST-HILLER for CITIZENSHIP: Quick and helpful advice regarding a sensitive matter

To MS. HENRY for SCHOLARSHIP: Teaching me new moves for my literacy toolkit.

To MS. MAKARIOUS for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: amazing prep work for the big DESE visit these last couple of weeks

To MS. HENRIQUEZ (PENA) for CITIZENSHIP: jumping back in and being a terrific work/office mate!

To MS. ELIZA ANDERSON for COMMITMENT: Going above and beyond your role as a CCSC trustee to serve as our database manager this year and masterfully coordinating the mailing of our April fundraising appeal. You are a super-duper trouper!

Ms. Farenga playing Cranium with 2 students during SSFD
Ms. Farenga playing Cranium with 2 students during SSFD
Mr. Bereth and a student.
Mr. Bereth and a student.
Outdoor activities were popular during SSFD, despite the chilly weather.
Outdoor activities were popular during SSFD, despite the chilly weather.
Mr. Roebuck and Ms. Hogan prepared snacks for SSFD.
Mr. Roebuck and Ms. Hogan prepared snacks for SSFD.




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