Thank You Thursday 4.28.16


There is a lot to be thankful for as we return from a hard earned April break and get settled back into the CCSC routine. Take a look at this week’s Shout-outs!

Middle School:

  • To SCHNEIDER SF for COMMITMENT: Working on a pile of missing HW this week that brought up your science grade by 20 points! Keep up the good work!
  • To NATALIE DV for SCHOLARSHIP:  Working incredibly hard in humanities.  Thanks for crushing it.
  • To ANTONIO S. for courage:  He is always willing to contribute his ideas and ask great questions during class discussions that help push everyone’s thinking.
  • To CALEB W for COMMITMENT to finishing his work, raising his hand more in class, and being more engaged overall!
  • MR. PACE’S IMC CLASS for COMMITMENT: for all entering class silently, completing the do now and having a great discussion around Venn Diagrams.
  • To DANASIA B for CITIZENSHIP: Always being a helper in math – helping your peers, your teachers and providing an example of what hard work and perseverance looks like
  • To KIANIS G for COMMITMENT: Making great use of her time during study group.
  • To AMANEALE R for commitment for digging into an essay even when he really, really didn’t want to.
  • To GIANNI H for commitment and scholarship for completing an outline on very difficult material
  • To JASSON R-Y for CITIZENSHIP for being willing to teach his peer how to calculate the standard deviation on a graphing calculator since his peer was absent the day before.
  • To KALIYAH and SOPHIA for SCHOLARSHIP for being great role models for partner work.
  • To DARLENIES C for commitment for reaching out to teachers to get support in completing work
  • To JUDELINE J for COMMITMENT: Pushing yourself to write a great essay in humanities instead of giving up on the difficult task.
  • To MARSHA M for CITIZENSHIP: For always being a positive presence in the hallways.
  • To BINIYAM T for COMMITMENT: bringing it every day this week. Having great posture and working really hard on his essays.

High School:

  • To CARLOS MF for CITIZENSHIP: Stellar grades in Q4.  Great way to end senior year!
  • To DWEAR C for CITIZENSHIP:  DC has been supporting his colleagues in chemistry by explaining complex concepts to his table partners and to the whole class – DC has a very impressive ability to understand science and explain it to others!
  • To CAMERON R for COMMITMENT: Working out a plan for makeup work before I could enev tell him he needed one. SO RESPONSIBLE
  • To ANTHONY B for SCHOLARSHIP: Major insights into Huck Finn that have pushed the whole class forward. Well-done!!
  • To PEDRO P for COMMITMENT for coming for help after school consistently and working hard to make sure his homework is accurate.
  • To DECARA H. for SCHOLARSHIP: for being so on top of our discussion of Hamlet this week.  She also said, “I actually like this book,” which is always a wonderful thing for an English teacher to hear from her student!
  • To YESEHAK A for SCHOLARSHIP: Really excellent connections during the Huck Finn discussion today
  • To TAMIA G for COMMITMENT: Doing a really excellent job of tracking discussions in class
  • To KERWEAN M for COURAGE: for having a difficult conversation bravely.
  • To JEFFERSON C for CITIZENSHIP: For taking time out to check-in with his advisor and with his peers.
  • To CORY M for CITIZENSHIP for helping another student on his writing by asking smart questions and typing his responses.
  • To JEFFREY B for COMMITMENT: Always bringing thoughtful contributions to history class, no matter what else is going on.
  • To ERIK L. for COMMITMENT for coming into school early just to get work done!
  • To SANIDE J for COMMITMENT: Staying after school every Monday, including her birthday, to study for the AP Chemistry exam.
  • To AKIRA V for COMMITMENT: Making it to Level 4 in Polyatomic Ion Practice!
  • To ALANA T for CITIZENSHIP: being willing to hold a peer accountable for getting HW done.
  • To DECARA H for SCHOLARSHIP: Just destroying Hamlet (in a good way)
  • To BEVERLY B for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Very focused work and active participation in Geometry this week AND for helping her peers with gentle guidance and support.
  • To KELVIN M for COMMITMENT:  great focus and follow through in Spanish class this week.
  • To CALEB W for SCHOLARSHIP:  killing it on Spanish HW and quizzes so far this quarter.
  • To AXEL W for SCHOLARSHIP: modeling strong critical art discussion
  • JOHANZEL RC for CITIZENSHIP: Sharing your knowledge of drafting outlines in humanities with a peer who was struggling.


  • To MS. DASILVA and Mr. PACE for CITIZENSHIP: Taking on an extra morning meeting when they could have had the day off.  Thanks!

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