Thank You Thursday 2.2.17

It’s time for our weekly round of shout-outs for the CCSC values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. Take a look!

Middle School:

To 8th Grade Humanities (8.1 section) for COMMITMENT: in organizing to make Ms. Luis feel very welcomed.

To NARESA for COMMITMENT: in bringing goodies for the class.

To DARIUS for SCHOLARSHIP: doing exceptionally well in class participation.

To JACQUELYN, BENJALYS, and BRYAN F. for SCHOLARSHIP: Pulling together and working as a group to build a tower over 30 inches tall in science.

To ERMEYAS, and KIDUS for SCHOLARSHIP: Great teamwork during the tower challenge last week, and creating the tallest tower in your class.

To HIBA, MARHARWITE, and CHRISTINA T. for SCHOLARHIP: Building a recycled paper tower with only 2 inches of tape, <10 mins., and breaking all records- tallest tower I’ve ever seen for this engineering challenge!

To KAILANI, NIKITA, and JOLIE for SCHOLARSHIP: Having the most creative and sturdy base for your paper tower last week.

To ISABEL, MOHOMED, AJANAE, LISA, and LOGIAN for SCHOLARSHIP: Building a tower over 30 inches in science class last week!

​​To WISGUERLANDE B. for CITIZENSHIP: being a supportive member of Ms. Ripa’s HRG!

​To MASIAH S. for COMMITMENT: pushing himself to complete old work in IMC to get credit back!

To ANNA B. for COMMITMENT: consistently crushing it academically in IMC or in HRG!

To DARIUS P. for CITIZENSHIP: for getting work done when it counted.

To KIANIS G. for COMMITMENT: for continuous participation in PS8!

To IMAD G. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday

To DEANNA P. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To ANNA B. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To MITSOU V. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To JACKIE L. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To KARLEA D. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​​

To ELMER T. for COMMITMENT: for pushing himself in IMC and getting more classwork completed! Way to go.


High School:

To TAMIA and CeCe for COMMITMENT: for being great role models and looking out for a younger student.

To STEPHANIE for COMMITMENT for sticking to her work (from a physics classmate)

To ORION WILLIAMS for CITIZENSHIP: Great focus during MCAS prep!

TO the STEM CLUB (MAYA, ROHIT, ALVIN, and KAMARI W) for COMMITMENT: For working hard outside of school and at Novartis to stay on top of your projects!

TO JONATHAN HS for COURAGE: For going above and beyond by reading in an awesome British accent during Ms. Nebiolo’s theater HRG.



To MS. RIPA for COMMITMENT: sending such thoughtful shout-outs so regularly!

To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP for fixing my projector and making copies for my class during her prep.

To COACHES AJANAKU, FRIEDMAN, MORRIS, JEAN-LOUIS, RODENAS and BAEZA for COMMITMENT: Keep pushing our student-athletes towards all-around excellence through a brutal and long winter season. Thank you for going the extra mile each week. – Gibson

To MR. GIBSON for COMMITMENT: Pushing the girls basketball team!

TO MS. NORRIS for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP: For our semi-regular coffee chats about books and authors, and for lending me a book!

TO MS. DASILVA for CITIZENSHIP: For always offering help, whether it be providing creative opinions on something or lending your art materials! And always with a smile J

To MS. LUIS for CITIZENSHIP: thanks for supporting IMC despite all the other worries you have. Those kids feel supported by YOU!

To MS. TECCA for COMMITMENT: for expressing interest in Italian Club!

To MR. SETON for COMMITMENT: for troubleshooting with HRG!

To MS. HUNTINGTON for COMMITMENT: for always coming with clarifying questions about students accommodations or modifications 🙂

To MR. PEREZ-LUNA and MR. SUCHECK for COMMITMENT: your excitement about Italian Club makes me so excited to lead it too. Thank you both for being dynamite people!

To MS. WHEATON for COMMITMENT: thanks for your support in the IEP meeting last week and questions about amendments. Despite the ton of work, I feel confident with your help 🙂

To Mr. DINEEN for COMMITMENT: Taking time to facilitate a conversation between a teacher and a student.

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