Thank You Thursday 12.8.16

It’s time for our weekly round of shout-outs for the CCSC values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. Taking time to appreciate each other for these qualities is part of what makes CCSC such a strong community.

Middle School:

  • To DULIA E for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: Amazing improvement on her assessments in math class.
  • To JOSE S.H. for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: Doing awesome work on the W14 quiz.
  • To KAILANI T.C. for SCHOLARSHIP: Being super engaged in science class this week and asking really thought provoking questions.
  • To KEDDRICK D for COMMITMENT: Being really focused in science class this week and getting a lot of work done.
  • To PHILIP W for SCHOLARSHIP: Making up a lot of missing a lot of assignments in science class and bringing up your grade.
  • To SAM R.W. for COMMITMENT: Never forgetting to bring my HW1st bin to science class on Thursday mornings.
  • To DARLENIES C. for COURAGE: Always asking for help in science when you need it, and asking for feedback on how you can improve.

High School:

  • To TAINA for CITIZENSHIP for help on classwork (from a physics classmate)
  • To SAMANTHA for CITIZENSHIP for helping me on homework (from a physics classmate)
  • To JUDELINE for CITIZENSHIP for helping me with physics (from a physics classmate)
  • To SAMANTHA for SCHOLARSHIP because she gives really good explanations when explaining to the whole class which helps me better understand (from a physics classmate)
  • To JADEN for COMMITMENT for persevering (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAIJA for COMMITMENT for trying hard (from a physics classmate)
  • To ASHLEY D for CITIZENSHIP for always helping me (from a physics classmate)
  • To BRITNEY for CITIZENSHIP for helping on physics classwork (from a physics classmate)
  • To IVERSON for SCHOLARSHIP for asking questions that I didn’t know (from a physics classmate)
  • To WEDDERSON for COMMITMENT because he’s a good table partner and always does his work (from a physics classmate)
  • To JASMYN for COMMITMENT for being the best table partner and doing work (from a physics classmate)
  • To SATOYA for SCHOLARSHIP for clarifying questions for me (from a physics classmate)
  • To LANCE U and JAMAREE O for CITIZENSHIP: Willing to sit down and have a real conversation with a teacher and a coach.
  • To MIKAYLA D for COMMITMENT: Coming in early to work on an essay
  • To JAVIAN F for CITIZENSHIP: Actively looking out for his peers and keeping them focused in class.
  • To MAYA, ROHIT, ALVIN, and NEYHLA for SCHOLARSHIP: For working diligently and producing awesome project ideas Monday night after STEM club. Great job!
  • To ALL NEW NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: Congratulations for being accepted into NHS, your effort is starting to pay off! Keep up the good work.
  • To MICHEAL CIAMPOLI for COURAGE: Solid work on his biology terms!
  • To YEABSERA for COURAGE: sharing her first draft of her Computational Artifact video with the class.
  • To RUDMANN A for CITIZENSHIP: helping set up at an event outside of school and taking initiative to learn more about a social issue
  • To KALKIDAN T for CITIZENSHIP: coming to an event to support an important cause
  • To TRISTAN J for SCHOLARSHIP: making smart observations about punctuation and repetition in a poem
  • To MS. SONG’S SENIOR ENGLISH CLASS for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: expressing their opinions articulately and demonstrating compassion regarding social injustice in class discussions
  • To NYLEA P-L. for SCHOLARSHIP: consistently making detailed, accurate sketches for the pig dissection.
  • To MS. HALLOWELL’s BIOLOGY STUDENTS for COURAGE: taking on the pig dissection and gaining confidence in the hands-on part of the project.
  • To CAHEL S. for COURAGE: continuously raising his hand to participate in class even when he is unsure of his answer.
  • To SALIEMA G. for SCHOLARSHIP: meeting her academic goal for Q2 and consistently maintaining it throughout the quarter thus far.
  • To WILLY L. for CITIZENSHIP: setting a great example for classmates, both behaviorally and academically
  • To MAYA R.W. for SCHOLARSHIP: Precisely explaining how to factor a quadratic trinomial with a leading coefficient not equal to 1.
  • To NHALA for SCHOLARSHIP: For consistently asking strong questions that get to the core of content in Pre-Calculus.
  • To ANDY L and BEVERLY B for CITIZENSHIP: helping me grade a pile of HW assignments in advisory last week. Thanks!


  • To MS. SONG for COMMITMENT: Putting a ton of work into an amazing program outside of school and recruiting students to attend and help support.
  • To DR. MOLK for CITIZENSHIP: Looking out for his advisees in so many different ways.
  • To MR. FERREE for COMMITMENT: finding a lot of positive energy to support sleepy students and give them opportunities to be productive in class.
  • To MS NORRIS for CITIZENSHIP (and COMMUNITY): Thanks for making time for a great chat! Also for the waffle.
  • To MS DUCHARME for CITIZENSHIP and COURAGE: For taking on AMC club on your own!
  • To MS SONG for COURAGE and CITIZENSHIP: Your active voice on topics you are strongly for or against is admirable. I appreciate your push for creating spaces to talk about these things.
  • To MR. NOMANI for CITIZENSHIP: Facilitating a clear conversation with a student and parent.
  • To DR. MOLK for SCHOLARSHIP: continuing to provide helpful feedback allowing me to continue to grow as a teacher.
  • To MS.THAYER for CITIZENSHIP: for offering to help out in keeping my AE in line before they enter the classroom. Thank you!
  • To MS. COYLE for CITIZENSHIP: Being an incredibly supportive presence as I continue to learn my role at CCSC.
  • To MS. WHEATON for COMMITMENT: For continuing to have tough conversations with students and keeping standards high.
  • To MS. ALEXANDER, MR. FERREE, and MS. DASILVA for CITIZENSHIP: coming to support More Than This!
  • To MS NAPPI for COMMITMENT and COURAGE: For doing an impressive job at keeping your MS AE quiet and focused.
  • To MR. ISAAC for SCHOLARSHIP: For being a great partner in thinking through ways to help students!

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