Thank You Thursday 12.15.2016

Thank you thursday is when teachers recognize their students and students honor each other for exemplifying CCSC four core values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship and Citizenship.

Middle School:

  • To KENDLY J for COMMITMENT: Consistently getting work done in the mornings!
  • To IMAD G. for SCHOLARSHIP: strong explanations in IMC
  • To STANLEY L. for COMMITMENT: sticking with his explanation and getting it right!
  • To MITSOU V. for COMMITMENT: consistent calmness brought to small group!
  • To JACOB W. for COMMITMENT: consistently strong classwork in IMC!
  • To WISGUERLANDE B. for COURAGE: pushing herself to participate for answering Do Now questions lately!
  • To GELLE S. for COMMITMENT: bringing positive, academic energy to science!
  • To KIANIS G. for COMMITMENT: consistently answering questions during do now in science
  • To ELMER T. for SCHOLARSHIP: incredible work in IMC over the past two weeks!!!!
  • To RUTH W. for SCHOLARSHIP: asking good questions in PS8
  • To SCHNAUBELT B. for SCHOLARSHIP: earning 8/8 on all IMC classworks this week!
  • To AZALYDA W. for SCHOLARSHIP: for earning 8/8 on all classworks in IMC this week!
  • To JAEDEN G. for SCHOLARSHIP: fantastic effort on classworks in IMC this week!!
  • To LOVENSKEE D. for COURAGE: pushing himself to get more work done in IMC!
  • To PATRICIA S for CITIZENSHIP: thanks for helping me brainstorm craft projects and being a patient teacher!
  • To KARLA for COMMITMENT: Continual strides to be mentally and physically in class – your effort is showing.
  • To KIANIS, RUTH, WISGUERLANDE, and STANLEY for SCHOLARSHIP: Asking great questions for a really difficult concept in science.
  • To DEANNA PL. and PATRICIA S. for SCHOLARSHIP: Consistently showing leadership in science class.
  • To NAHSHON Y. for SCHOLARSHIP: Consistently employing correct terminology when having discussions in science class.
  • To MITSOU V for SCHOLARSHIP: Excellent job defending her ideas in IMC even after many students were questioning her.

High School:

  • To SAMAYIA W. for COURAGE: willingness to try out new strategies from advisory check-ins to make self-improvements!
  • To QUENTON, ABIEL, DANASIA, JANIYA, MATTHEW and KAYLA for COMMITMENT: for quickly finding time to work on a group project after school
  • To JELANI N, ALEXIS HM, and KAMARI W for SCHOLARSHIP: Being BOSSES during fetal pig dissection.
  • To GISELLE B, SAMANTA B, and SHANIA E for SCHOLARSHIP: Having one of the most skillfully dissected fetal pigs in Biology
  • To CYNTHIA G. for SCHOLARSHIP: Receiving the highest score on the Anatomy exam in Ms. Ajanaku’s classes.
  • To TRISTAN J and JELANI N for SCHOLARSHIP: impressive, college-level contributions to our discussion of an essay’s foreshadowing and language
  • To JEFFREY M for CITIZENSHIP: bringing juice for his teachers!
  • To MELISSA B, AQUILAT MA, ARLEEN GM, NAYTHEN L, and DAMARIS B for SCHOLARSHIP: smart observations about the relationship between filmmaking techniques and theme in Do the Right Thing
  • To NAYTHEN L for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: not only clearly demonstrated passion for and expertise about film, but also the skills and willingness to write about and explain it for others
  • To RANJAN R for COMMITMENT: reaching out to me about starting a debate club and being clear and communicative about his goals
  • To AMIR A for CITIZENSHIP: writing me a nice note at the end of class
  • To YISHAK A for SCHOLARSHIP: giving an exemplary response that was articulate, long, comprehensive, and precise; rose to the challenge after the class was asked to revise responses to a question from a previous class
  • To DWEAR C and MARLY B for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: successfully leading class discussions!  You communicated clearly, tried to get more of your classmates to participate, pushed for more elaboration, and showed your understanding of the intent behind the questions.
  • To MAYA RW for CITIZENSHIP: always helpful to her teachers and classmates
  • To ERIK L, ISABELLE M, and DORA D for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: completing a draft of the creative writing assignment ahead, leaving time to make revisions before the deadline
  • To CYNTHIA G for SCHOLARSHIP: Calling out Mr. Emery for errors in answer keys.


  • To MR. PACE for CITIZENSHIP: Such a positive presence in the Bent Hallways.  Thanks!
  • To MR. NOMANI for CITIZENSHIP: Helping with a really productive student conversation.
  • To MR. PEREZ-LUNA for COMMITMENT: Putting in a ton of work to improve the 8th grade experience, and keeping a positive attitude about challenges.
  • To MS. MASTERS for COMMITMENT; facilitating really fun roller coaster project with her students
  • Mr. BAEZA for CITIZENSHIP, covering for me while I was under the weather in advisory

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