Thank-You Thursday 12.07.15

It’s time to give SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Today, make sure you give a shout-out to the following people if you pass them in the hallway…

Middle School:

  • To AJANAE H. for SCHOLARSHIP: shout-out for always coming to IMB with tons of questions and ready to learn!
  • To ERICA T. for SCHOLARSHIP: For continuing to kill it in Q2 and work hard in all of her classes!
  • To NADIRA F. for CITIZENSHIP: Thinking of me during our written affirmations activity on the Day of Wonder. Thank you so much! – Ms. Norris
  • To Ms. THAYER’S ADVISORY for CITIZENSHIP: Respecting the code of conduct during the Day of Wonder and thereby setting a shining example of how CCSC students represent in public.
  • To BENJALYS C.M. and ERICA T. for COURAGE: Contributing really thoughtfully to the Wonder community meeting
  • To LISA F. for COMMITMENT: Giving a book a try even though it has difficult and personal subject matter.
  • To RAHUL C. and LOGIAN A. for SCHOLARSHIP: Reading the honors text for this unit
  • To MARK K for SCHOLARSHIP: working hard to learn algebra!
  • To JACQUELYN for SCHOLARSHIP: Amazing focus in humanities.  Always excited to check in with you about what you’re reading these days…

High School:

  • To JAMAREE O for COMMITMENT: Working to make positive decisions for himself around work and consequences so that he can be active on the basketball team
  • To the new inductees of NHS for all 4 values: Congratulations, induction ceremony was awesome!
  • To CAHEL S for SCHOLARSHIP: First person to do an honors presentation in bio!
  • To CHRISTIANA and DAGEM for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: Consistently getting right to work and making the most out of your class time!
  • To ANDY L., ENOCH L., KYLA C-L, CHRISTNALY C., DEVIN N-O for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: Thank you for all of your hard work in MC-ing and tech support at Pep Rally.
  • To MIA for COMMITMENT: consistently working hard and asking questions during classwork/partner time (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAMARY for SCHOLARSHIP: figuring out problem 3 and correcting my mistake and helping me (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAMARY for CITIZENSHIP: helping me understand the HW when I was confused (from a physics classmate)
  • To BINIYAM for COURAGE: he asked a questions when reviewing HW  (from a physics classmate)
  • To SOPHIA for CITIZENSHIP: for being understanding  (from a physics classmate)
  • To DEANNA for COMMITMENT: for working hard this whole week!  (from a physics classmate)
  • To JAEDEN for COMMITMENT: for doing a good job in class  (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAMARY for COMMITMENT: because she always follows directions  (from a physics classmate)
  • To DORA, ONEISHA, SAMANTA, LUIS and BEVERLY for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT:  For paving the way for all of the senior class with college admissions!
  • To MICHAEL H. for COMMITMENT: working so incredibly hard for one of his best quarters ever! Keep it up Mikey, we are so proud of you.
  • To SATOYA I. for CITIZENSHIP: putting reminders on my board to help me remember to put up the chairs at the end of the day!
  • To JUDELINE J. and SATOYA I for SCHOLARSHIP: Drafting excellent direct examination questions in mock trial
  • To LAURIE J for COURAGE AND SCHOLARSHIP: volunteering to explain an answer in math class!
  • To IVERSON for SCHOLARSHIP: Sticking with a tough poem in humanities class
  • To CALEB T, MENA K, and ANEEYA L for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent contributions to discussion of poetry
  • To ALI F, WO WEI L, YISHAK A, ALVIN C, and ROHIT C for COMMITMENT: showing great leadership for Newspaper Club
  • To CALEB W for CITIZENSHIP: shepherding students to the correct room for the Newspaper Club meeting


  • To MS. HENRY & MS. OSEI for COMMITMENT: Pouring hours of time and an immeasurable quantity of heart into organizing an amazing Day of Wonder for the entire middle school!
  • To MS. NORRIS for CITIZENSHIP: Expanding our CCSC community by bringing her family to Pep Rally
  • To MR. PACE and MR. TJERNELL for COMMITMENT: Being the best TeaCHEERs this school has ever seen at Pep Rally
  • To MS. BRADLEY, MS. JEAN-LOUIS, MR. PEREZ-LUNA, MR. BAEZA, MR. RODENAS for COMMITMENT: Preparing for the performance of a lifetime.
  • To MS. EFRON and MS. GARDONY for COURAGE: Leaving it all on the stage during their incredible Lip Sync performance.
  • To MS. OSEI, MS. HENRY, MS. ALEXANDER for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: You three do so much work behind the scenes to make all of our school wide events the best they can be for our entire school community. Thank you!
  • To MS. LUIS for CITIZENSHIP: shout out for always helping your students and coworkers whenever they need it, you truly are a super star.
  • To MS. TECCA and MS. ROBBINS for COMMITMENT AND SCHOLARSHIP: For always giving me the lowdown and answering my plethora of questions!
  • To Ms. HENRY for COMMUNITY: Arranging a terrifically fun and engaging Day of Wonder!
  • To Ms. OSEI for COURAGE: Creating a safe space for and leading a stirring discussion about bullying.
  • To Ms. NORRIS, Mr. FRIEDMAN, and Mr. MORRIS for SCHOLARSHIP: Leading activities which enhanced the meaning of the Day of Wonder.
  • To MR. TJERNELL for CITIZENSHIP: For covering a morning supervision shift
  • To MS. GALVIN for COMMITMENT: attending each and every IEP meeting – THANK YOU!
  • To MS. SCHOBER for COURAGE: Continued math dept leadership and breakfast sandwiches for all (!)
  • To MR. BAEZA for COMMITMENT: Cheerleaders added so much spirit to the scene Friday night.  Thanks for your continued work preparing them to rep us well!
  • To MS. HENRY for COMMITMENT: planning and executing a powerful and fun Wonder day

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