Thank You Thursday (1/10/13)

Lower School Principal Becki Norris
Lower School Principal Becki Norris collects Shout-Outs each week.

Here are this week’s SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

7th grade Shout-Outs:

  • To ONEISHA D. for COMMITMENT: Coming in after school for help on the lab.
  • To FSIYAHE R. for COMMITMENT: ALWAYS working hard in math class.
  • To ASHLEY M. for CITIZENSHIP: Politely discussing a way to get all of her make-up work in on time.
  • TO NAICA P. for CITIZENSHIP: Being a quiet and constant leader in math class. Correcting other people’s work, helping seat partners.
  • To ISABELLE M. for COMMITMENT: Totally committed to keeping her grades up. Always working hard!
  • To ALEXIS H-M. for SCHOLARSHIP: Very focused on improving math roundtable.
  • To MARTIN M. for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent work on rocks lab study station
  • To DEVIN O. for COMMITTMENT:  excellent focus and work on typing and IXL in Learning Lab Tuesday.
  • To TYRIQ M. for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent focus in Learning Lab getting two whole tests done for other classes.
  • To EDMUND M. for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent focus working on Humanities essay, editing it and making a great final draft.

8th grade Shout-Outs:

  • To MATTHEW K. for COMMITMENT: Being a hero throughout breakfast and lunch.
  • To OMARI S-S. for SCHOLARSHIP: Volunteering to help out in class.
  • To MELLISSA B. for COURAGE: Working hard to have good behavior in class.
  • To DORA D. for CITIZENSHIP, from Ms. Niska, Mr. Moody, and Mr. Harvey: Taking responsibility to make positive steps as a student and community member.

9th grade Shout-Outs:​

  • To JENNIFER T. for CITIZENSHIP for giving up her seat on the train to an older couple on the 9th grade field trip.
  • To WALDIANIKA N. for CITIZENSHIP for taking on a leadership role on the field trip and always making sure her group was heading in the right direction.
  • To CHRISTY F. for SCHOLARSHIP for writing out a full page open-response about a painting when she was only required to do bullet points.
  • To DAISHA D-B. for SCHOLARSHIP: Solid work on the MFA field trip.
  • To SHADRA M. for COMMITMENT: Solid commitment to studying for exams.
  • To TIARA M. for COMMITMENT: Showing up and having a good attitude every single day.

CCSC_Thank_You_ThursdayUpper School Shout-Outs:

  • To MALIK C. for CITIZENSHIP: Offering a helping hand by opening the US door every morning he’s there.

Adult Shout-Outs:

  • To MS. SCHOBER for CITIZENSHIP: Helping get some amazing deluxe mini-whiteboards for a fellow math teacher
  • To MR. SETON for CITIZENSHIP: Being an extremely supportive department chair.
  • To MR. HURST-HILLER, MS. WILUSZ, MS. BARRIOS, AND MS. DEVEREUX for COMMITMENT: Showing off CCSC with passion at the open house!
  • To MR. MORRIS, MR. SCHRADER, MS. BAJADA, and MR. HARVEY for COMMITMENT and COURAGE in leading our Boys & Girls Basketball teams this coming weekend at the MIT courts!
  • To MS. RIESER for COMMITMENT: for caring so much about her students and giving her all every day at CCSC.
  • To MS. STARDRUM for COMMITMENT: Being a tireless teacher partner and thinking of new routines we can use to work together more effectively in class.
  • To ALL THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE FIELD TRIP CHAPERONES for CITIZENSHIP: Thanks for stepping up as chaperones for our trip. This trip couldn’t happen without you. You all are great!
  • To MR. HENDERSON, MS. DASILVA, MR. SCHRADER, MS. THAYER, MR. COOK, MS. MOODY and all of the 9th grade teachers/team who helped make our field trip possible.

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