Thank-You Thursday 11.09.17

It’s time to give SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Today, make sure you give a shout-out to the following people if you pass them in the hallway…

Middle School:

  • To YODEMAELL S., GAELLE I., and JELISSA F. for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: Showing up to every mock trial practice and asking good questions.
  • To LISA F. and AJANAE H. for COURAGE and SCHOLARSHIP: Volunteering more in class after making a goal after Q1 to participate more
  • To LOVENSKEE for COMMITMENT: push for excellence in humanities with passing in work and doing well on the Benchmark starting quarter 2 off with a BANG!!
  • To RAHUL & KIDUS for CITIZENSHIP for being great role models for their peers in work ethic.

High School:

  • To QUENTON J. for SCHOLARSHIP: starting off Q2 strong with high engagement, strong questions, and increased participation!
  • To IVERSON A. for COURAGE: consistently asking questions in class even when he’s not sure
  • To NAIMA, MICKAELLA, OLIVIA Z, MARSHA M, SAADYA, TAINA, JASMYN,JUDELINE and ANEEYA for CITIZENSHIP: consistently helping their table partners during peer work
  • To CALEB T for SCHOLARSHIP: always trying to making history connections with prior knowledge and pop culture
  • To AYANA for SCHOLARSHIP: successfully making a rhyme during class that connected with the material
  • To ABIEL for SCHOLARSHIP: starting off Q2 strong with homework completion and engagement
  • To JAMAREE for SCHOLARSHIP: consistently completing rigorous HW
  • To WINSTON J for SCHOLARSHIP: Always working hard and taking the extra steps to continue improving in all of his classes!
  • To WEDDERSON X for CITIZENSHIP: Always smiling and saying hi as soon as he walks in class!
  • To AMANUEL G for CITIZENSHIP: Participating in the democratic process and helping his brother run for public office!
  • To SOSINA for COMMITMENT: Being an exemplary scholar, taking risks and helping her peers
  • To AMANUEL for SCHOLARSHIP: Great focus in class this week
  • To KARLA F for CITIZENSHIP: Being helpful with class materials


  • To CCSC staff for CITIZENSHIP: checking on my family and myself during this hard time
  • To MS. COYLE for COMMITMENT: Being incredibly supportive and helpful while SEMS was down!
  • To MR. ISAAC for CITIZENSHIP for all his kindness and wisdom this week AND surprising me with a coffee and Bagel in between.
  • To MS. THAYER for CITIZENSHIP for being a great Mentor and allowing me to be my authentic self and caring for me in a time of need this week
  • To MS. TAPS, MS. POST, MS. M. GALVIN for CITIZENSHIP – consistently always checking on my well-being …even when I don’t know I need to be checked on.
  • TO MR. RUSS and MORRIS for COMMITMENT … in giving guidance to a fellow coworker!!
  • To MS. GALVIN for SCHOLARSHIP: Sending detailed and informative weekly memos that prepare department members for the coming week and beyond!
  • To MR. REID for COMMITMENT: Adding delicious tea for teachers in 206!
  • To CCSC VOLLEYBALL TEAM and MR. GIBSON for CITIZENSHIP: Hosting a really fun game that included staff
  • To MR. GARCIA and MR. LANDRY for COMMITMENT: Making laptops so accessible and easy for teachers and students

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