Thank-You Thursday 10.19.17

Middle School:

  • To ZAKIYA for SCHOLARSHIP: writing an amazing essay on Michael Jordan this past week!
  • To WARREN for SCHOLARSHIP: for asking informative and exploration questions about the structure of our local, state and federal government.
  • To KARLEA for SCHOLARSHIP: Turning in a very strong project many days before the deadline.
  • To MOHAMUD for COMMITMENT: Excellent participation in science today.
  • To MS Soccer Players for COMMITMENT: Pushing yourselves and each other and (hopefully) making the playoffs!

High School:

  • To MAYA and BEVERLY for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP – nice job catching up on make up work!
  • To YISHAK A, SAM Z, SATOYA I, MONIQUE M, KERWEAN M, KAMARI W, and MARLY JF for CITIZENSHIP: helping to put together a great homecoming dance by recruiting a DJ, selling tickets, setting up decorations, and cleaning up
  • To DEVIN NO for CITIZENSHIP: helping Prom Committee and Student Council put up the lights for Homecoming Dance, which was the hardest part of setup
  • To RAYKWON R, ROHIT C, and MICHAEL T for CITIZENSHIP: sharing my enthusiasm for superhero movies and letting me geek out
  • To PAOLA R for SCHOLARSHIP: enthusiastic annotations for the last story of our unit, which brought a smile to my face
  • To MAYA RW for CITIZENSHIP: For being a great aid to classmates and setting the tone!
  • To LUIS BR for SCHOLARSHIP: For being on point with his college application process!
  • To CHRISTNALY for CITIZENSHIP: Raising money with a smile (and making deliveries of breakfast to hungry staff)!


  • To MS. GREY-SAUTELET for CITIZENSHIP for putting together an amazing video for the Spanish 1 students.
  • To MR REID for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT – thanks for all the work you do behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly.
  • To MR HOWARD for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP – for leading mock trial with passion and contagious enthusiasm.
  • To MR. HENDRICKSON for COMMITMENT: for always going above and beyond for the student’s he sees.
  • To MS. ABRAHAM for CITIZENSHIP: for always giving advice and keeping a calm environment around her for all to look up to and aspire to be like.
  • To MS. DUCHARME for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP. Her amazing scheduling skills and help throughout the PSAT did not go unnoticed!
  • To MS. M-D for SCHOLARSHIP: incredible organizational skills and being my partner in good!
  • To MS. BRADLEY and MS. ALEXANDER for COMMITMENT: being excellent co-planners and chaperones for Homecoming Dance
  • To MS. TIMAS for COMMITMENT: making Quizlets to help our juniors study for an upcoming test
  • To MR. VOGEL for SCHOLARSHIP: Diving into MCAS results quickly and making sense of them so we can all properly celebrate, reflect, and improve.
  • To MS. COYLE for SCHOLARSHIP: Always being willing to do research or make calls to find out all pertinent information.  We’re stronger for it.  Thank you!

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