Thank You Thursday 09.28.17

The CCSC community is full of gratitude for the students, faculty and staff members that exemplify the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship each and every day. Check out our SHOUT-OUTS for this week!



Middle School:

  • To HOUSTON B for SCHOLARSHIP: Telling me all about the creative story he’s writing, and about the elements of story-writing that he’s learning in humanities. Thanks! – Ms. Norris
  • To CAISON P. for SCHOLARSHIP: Continuing to preserve through difficult questions and tasks in IMA regardless if the day has been tough or not.
  • To RAHUL C. and MOHAMED A. for COMMITMENT: Coming to class every single day ready to participate and get the most out of their time
  • To NYLA T. for COURAGE: Started off class on a bad note but was able to turn it around and still contribute to large group discussion
  • To HOUSTON B. for SCHOLARSHIP: Doing some really great work on his outline in Humanities
  • To AMANEALE R for SCHOLARSHIP: Coming in early to work on his morality paper
  • To NYLA T for SCHOLARSHIP: for answering multiple questions in IMB that are challenging and always giving it her best!
  • To KIDUS for CITIZENSHIP: for cleaning up morning meeting space without being asked and offering to help peers with cleaning up each day! THANK YOU!
  • To JOSHUA R. for CITIZENSHIP: thank you for greeting me so warmly every day.
  • To VISHAK for COURAGE: finally admitting that he had lost his fitbit.
  • To MARK for SCHOLARSHIP: always having productive conversations during turn and talks.
  • To VISHAK for SCHOLARSHIP: for also always having productive conversations during turn and talks.
  • To ROWIDA for COMMITMENT: persevering through challenging work and always coming to class excited to work.
  • To KAILANI for CITIZENSHIP: always being willing to help out in class whenever it is necessary.
  • To TREVELL for SCHOLARSHIP: working through almost all of his quiz revisions in math lab.
  • To NATALIE for SCHOLARSHIP: staying after school to work on math homework.
  • To MESHELL for COMMITMENT: consistently working hard in math and always trying her best.
  • To ANTONIO PB and DANERY B for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent attention to detail and participation answering questions about news clip in class.

High School:

  • To MIA and DASHAWN for CITIZENSHIP: quickly volunteering to represent Art Club at the Cougar Fair.
  • To AMANUEL G for SCHOLARSHIP: Exemplary focus on his work during study hall on Monday
  • To INGRID and ZENIA for COURAGE: commitment to assuming the best as well as apologizing and accepting apologies last week.
  • To JIMMY T for SCHOLARSHIP: adding insightful topics to discussion and challenging students and teachers to think deeper
  • To YESEHAK A. for COURAGE: self-advocating very appropriately and responding very appropriately to the results of the conversation.
  • To CHRISTNALY C. for COMMITMENT: very respectfully bringing up an issue that had been bothering her and collectively problem-solving towards a resolution.
  • To WO WEI LIN for SCHOLARSHIP: creating challenge tasks for new robotics members
  • To WO WEI LIN, ALVIN CHAN, BRENDON BELLEVUE for COMMITMENT: Leading the first robotics meeting
  • To ANDY L, JORDAN P, and SAMANTA B for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP: helping a junior with his essay so that he could work while I was helping another student
  • To NHALA S for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP: sharing a Quizlet for classmates to use to prepare for their Unit 1 test
  • To CALEB W for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: taking a practice SAT on a Saturday morning
  • To KEVIN T and PRISCILLA T for CITIZENSHIP: being helpful during lunch so often
  • To ANDRONAELLE L for CITIZENSHIP: helping out a new student


  • To MS. GALVIN for CITIZENSHIP: going above and beyond making a CCSC community member feel comfortable
  • To MS. TAPS & GALVIN for CITIZENSHIP: Always holding down the front and for being great people!
  • To MR. G for CITIZENSHIP: helping all the new teachers in Special Programs add grades to their specialized classes.  Now he’s the expert!
  • To MS. LUIS for COURAGE: Modeling what it means to persevere in the face of setbacks and difficulties
  • To MS. JEAN-LOUIS and MR. G for Scholarship: Impressive differentiation in math in order to serve all their students
  • To MR. MORRIS and MS. GREY-SAUTELET for COMMITMENT: executing an excellent Cougar Fair!
  • To MS. RIPA and MR. G for CITIZENSHIP: always being around to give advice and guidance to a fellow new LS!
  • To the whole HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: For keeping the reading flame alive in the hearts and minds of students as the library underwent its transformation!
  • To MR. RUSS for CITIZENSHIP: always finding time to talk to staff/faculty about any concern, and validating each and every person’s worth within the community!
  • To MS. NORRIS for COMMITMENT: checking in on individual student progress and offering suggestions for new teachers to try. SO appreciated!
  • To MS. RIVERA for COMMITMENT: jumping into, learning, and doing so many facets of her work so quickly, as if she’s been here forever.
  • To MS. MD for CITIZENSHIP: thanks for helping Ms. Rivera with the above 🙂
  • To MR. HOWARD for CITIZENSHIP: jumping in to cover classes so regularly within his first month of teaching.
  • To MS. MCGAH for COMMITMENT: Organizing her day so thoughtfully to make sure that she is tending to the needs of the highest number of students that she can.
  • To MS. BRADLEY for CITIZENSHIP: being a great classroom-mate and always coming to school with a smile and positive energy.
  • To MS. SCHOBER for COMMITMENT: coming to IMC math lab ready to dive in and support students.
  • To MS. RIPA for COMMITMENT: always ready to jump in and support students in IMC and maintaining a calm and loving presence in class.
  • To MR. PEREZ-LUNA for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: staying at school until 7 pm!!! to give a student math help

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