Thank-You Thursday 04.30.18

It’s time to give SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Today, make sure you give a shout-out to the following people if you pass them in the hallway…

Middle School:

  • To SASHA L., ANNA B., ISABEL B. and KAMARI J-F for COMMITMENT: Despite some nervousness, had tremendous performances in their first varsity track and field meet. Extremely proud of you all.
  • To DULIA E. for SCHOLARSHIP: for significant growth this year!!
  • To NATALIE D.V. for SCHOLARSHIP: for improved performance on her math quiz before break!
  • To JAYDAN D. for COURAGE: for advocating for his needs during a meeting!
  • To KIDUS B. for COMMITMENT: for being a supportive partner in class.
  • To TREVELL H. for COMMITMENT: for moving up his grades after an absence!
  • To MARC R. for CITIZENSHIP: for bringing positivity into all his classes!
  • To SAMUEL J. for COMMITMENT: for increased focus in class!
  • To NIKITA R. for COMMITMENT: for increased focus in class!
  • To MOHAMMED A. for COMMITMENT: for focused work in small group reading!
  • To ALETHA D. for COMMITMENT: for being a supportive partner in class.
  • To LYDIA B for SCHOLARSHIP: Huge improvement in all classes since start of Q4!!
  • To MASIAH SH for COMMITMENT: Great first day back from break!
  • To CALEB W. for SCHOLARSHIP: Doing great work in Humanities in his first days back from break
  • To JOLIE J., LEAH B., TRISTAN J., BRYAN F., NYLA T., and ALEXIS N. for SCHOLARSHIP: Crushing it in Humanities this week
  • To LOGIAN A., LISA F., RAHUL C., AJANAE H., CHRISTANAELLE D., and MOHAMED A. for COMMITMENT: Really persevering in Humanities in preparation for MCAS.
  • To ANTONIO P.B. for COMMITMENT: Really stepping it up on Humanities classwork for quarter 4.
  • To LISA F. for SCHOLARSHIP: Improving on Humanities homework quarter 4.

High School:

  • To CALEB T, ABIEL S, SAGINE L, YOEL Y, AND TAFARI J for COMMITMENT: Showing up to first 10th grade MCAS breakfast ready to work!
  • To SATOYA I. for SCHOLARSHIP: For continuously showing clear work in math. 
  • To JAMA A. for COMMITMENT: For working really hard in Q3 and starting Q4 on a good foot!
  • To JALEN E for SCHOLARSHIP: Crushing geometry for quarter 4. 
  • To GABRIEL N-N for SCHOLARSHIP: Crushing geometry in quarter 4.
  • To RAYKWON R for SCHOLARSHIP: Crushing Spanish in quarter 4.
  • To FSIHAYE R for SCHOLARSHIP: Crushing English in quarter 4.
  • To ASHLI K. and AYANA .S for COMMITMENT: Turning in a project early (and crushing it) in geometry.
  • To SATOYA for COMMITMENT: really coming through at track practice over spring break as an engaged team captain
  • To SAMANTA for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP: taking on an SIP project (and presenting to strangers) on teaching life-saving first aid
  • To CALEB W. for CITIZENSHIP: getting a shoutout from a Kendall Square colleague in a meeting outside of school for being “absolutely amazing”
  • To SATOYA I. for COMMITMENT: for following up and applying for many summer programs!
  • To ASHLEY D. for COMMITMENT: for following up and applying for many summer programs!
  • To ASHLEY T. for COMMITMENT: for taking care of applying for summer programs quickly!
  • To ASHLI K. for COMMITMENT: for being on top of her summer plans!
  • To MICKALE A. for COMMITMENT: for strong focus on hw during advisory!


  • To MS. PRYSTAWIK for CITIZENSHIP: Covering me after making a scheduling error, thanks!
  • To NEAL LANDRY and ARI GARCIA for CITIZENSHIP: Always being up for helping out with last minute tech emergencies. Thank you thank you!!
  • To MS. DUCHARME for COMMITMENT: Her thorough preparation to get all staff and faculty ready for MCAS
  • To MS. SONG for CITIZENSHIP: Volunteering to proctor a make-up exam after school
  • To CCSC Staff for CITIZENSHIP: Supporting my family during this time
  • To MS. BARNO for SCHOLARSHIP: leading Girls Who Code and encouraging our female scholars to pursue coding and computer science
  • To MS. ROBBINS for CITIZENSHIP: rearranging part of her day to help me with a PowerSchool search!
  • To MR. GIBSON for CITIZENSHIP: leading track practices and meets solo when I can’t make it (or get lost on my way!)
  • To MR. RODENAS and MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP: supporting me through struggles and challenges
  • To MR. MORRIS and MS. TECCA for CITIZENSHIP: being patient as I navigate out of office stuff and balancing deadlines and coverages at the same time
  • To MS. POST for COMMUNITY: being exceptionally awesome and being an encouraging reader leader for students
  • To MS. DUCHARME for COMMUNITY: being a great office-mate while working through stressful testing time even when I get frustrated or (probably) unintentionally sing out loud
  • To MS. DUCHARME for SCHOLARSHIP: Great acting skills in helping to prank a section of 10th graders!
  • To MS. COYLE for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Always being so thoughtful in her work with ELs
  • To MR. NOMANI for CITIZENSHIP: Supportive, thoughtful advice and help with a tricky student situation
  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP: For all of the beautiful merit sweatshirts she made for students
  • To MS. ALEXANDER for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: Diligently preparing her students for MCAS while also giving back to the school in so many roles.

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