Thank-You Thursday 02.15.18

Middle School:

  • To RAHUL C. and DANIEL & SAMUEL E. for COMMITMENT: Always coming to HRG prepared to engage in discussion
  • To NYLA T. for CITIZENSHIP: Helping classmates be successful in Humanities
  • To MOHAMED A. for COMMITMENT: Working hard to do even better on homework and classwork in Humanities
  • To CALEB W for COMMITMENT: shout out for turning it around today in math lab!
  • To ROSHAWN D-R for SCHOLARSHIP: shout out for doing amazing on past IMB test!
  • To ISA S for SCHOLARSHIP: raising grade in humanities and overcoming some serious obstacles these past weeks.

High School:

  • To ROHIT C, WO WEI L, KEVIN J, BRENDON B, RAHUL C AND  THE ROBOTICS TEAM for SCHOLARSHIP, COURAGE, COMMITMENT: for having a great competition on Saturday and winning the Motivate award!
  • To BRENDON B. for SCHOLARSHIP:  For getting into his dream school of Tufts Early Decision!!!
  • TO QUENTON, IVERSON, KAYLA for SCHOLARSHIP: increased risk-taking in class – asking questions and sharing their thoughts
  • TO ANEEYA, SATOYA, SALIEMA, MENA for CITIZENSHIP: helping to build history timeline and help with merit points
  • To ZEKARIAS W for CITIZENSHIP:  thanks for being so friendly in the hallways and coming in to my office to say hello.
  • TO SEIMON for SCHOLARSHIP: Killing it last week with participation and risk taking questions
  • To ALI F for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: The sub said you did an excellent job on the classwork and helped out your classmates who were stuck!
  • To MIA S, KIANIS G-P, TESLIE C, WEDGINA N for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: it’s been wonderful spending time with such a fun group of 9th graders and getting to know you!
  • To MICHAEL T for COMMITMENT: For reaching out respectfully for clarification around a conflict.
  • To MONIQUE M. for COMMITMENT: Helping to lead the chorus
  • To JANIYA R. and IVERSON M. for COMMITMENT: Working diligently throughout the geometry project and making a great team!
  • To SERINA M for CITIZENSHIP: giving me chocolate!
  • To ALIYAH L for CITIZENSHIP: bringing ramen valentines for her friends
  • To ADIA C, SERINA M, and REBA-GLORY C for SCHOLARSHIP: asking great questions and having productive conferences with me during Roundtable artifact work time


  • To MR. PACE for COMMITMENT: Excellent coaching of the robotics team!
  • To MS. NORRIS for COMMITMENT: Hearing teachers’ needs and taking action to help
  • To Ms. TAPS for CITIZENSHIP: For always being helpful and generous of her time!
    To MR. LANDRY for COMMITMENT: promptly replacing our projector when our old one stopped working
  • To MS. BRADLEY for CITIZENSHIP: spreading Valentine’s Day cheer!
  • To MS. ROBBINS for CITIZENSHIP: Used her Sherlock Holmesian detective skills to deduce why my advisee hadn’t been able to log into his PowerSchool account, responding with firefighter-like speed to my pleading email.
  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP: Bringing music to our community via her work with the chorus
  • To MS. ALEXANDER for COMMITMENT: shout-out for keeping her calm and working with some hard students through many challenges.
  • To MR. HENDRICKSON for CITIZENSHIP: shout out for always being there when needed in tricky situations!
  • To MS. GRAMS’ and MS. LUIS’S ADVISORY for Scholarship and Commitment: for reading 1,000 pages in the first week of the reading challenge.
  • To MS. GRAMS for CITIZENSHIP: always willing to offer snacks to hungry colleagues
  • To MR. SETON for CITIZENSHIP: hosting an excellent, warm gathering for the Humanities Department


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