Thank-You Thursday 02.08.18

Middle School:

  • To NYLA, LEAH, LOGIAN, JOLIE, BRYAN, DANNY, CHRIS, ROSHAWN and CALEB for COMMITMENT: great job with the insulation project and earning tons of class points in science this week!
  • To DULIA E. for SCHOLARSHIP: for your drive to complete work independently!
  • To JAYDAN D. for COURAGE: for getting more and more used to our high expectations at CCSC!
  • To ZION C.G. for CITIZENSHIP: for your always appreciated comedic relief in the classroom 🙂
  • To LOVENSKEE D. for COMMITMENT: for staying after weekly to make sure math homework gets done and gets down well!
  • To MESHELL B. for SCHOLARSHIP: for strong work habits in IMC!
  • To NATHANIEL R. for SCHOLARSHIP: for strong work habits in IMC!
  • To TAHMID K. for CITIZENSHIP: for advocating for his needs in class.
  • To EDLAWIT Z for SCHOLARSHIP: Pushing a discussion forward in humanities with multiple insightful comments and questions to her classmates.
  • To JOLIE J. for SCHOLARSHIP: Going above and beyond on classwork and homework assignments in Humanities quarter 3
  • To LEAH B. and TRISTAN J. for SCHOLARSHIP: Stepping up and participating more in Humanities

High School:

  • To YESEHAK A. for SCHOLARSHIP: For getting the Presidential Scholarship at WPI!!!
  • To ALEXIS H-M, ANTHONY B. and ZENIA W. for SCHOLARSHIP: For getting into their first colleges!
  • To ROHIT for CITIZENSHIP for supporting his classmates during a difficult situation.
  • To JAMAREE and CECE for SCHOLARSHIP for diving in and engaging in the capstone project in Junior Seminar.
  • To DAGEM and JALEN for SCHOLARSHIP for being leaders in Great Gatsby discussions!
  • To RUTH W and CALEB W for CITIZENSHIP: sending me feel-better text messages when I was out sick
  • To KEVIN T and PRISCILLA T for CITIZENSHIP: being such a big help during lunch
  • To AMANUEL, CARLVIN, TIM, ANDRONAELLE, and RUTH for SCHOLARSHIP and COURAGE: thanks for your leadership in physics class this week!
  • To YESEHAK for COMMITMENT: Earning a massive scholarship to an amazing college.  Nice job!


  • To MS HUNTINGTON for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: thanks for all your work planning and organizing materials for 7th grade science!
  • To MR. REID for CITIZENSHIP: For being a helpful colleague and always responding to requests so quickly!
  • MS. TECCA for COMMITMENT & COURAGE: For holding it down with coverage from home despite being super sick.
  • To MS. REUBEN for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: Very quickly embedding herself in the community, thoughtfully considering individual students and creating super engaging ESL curriculum.
  • To MS. COSTELLO for SCHOLARSHIP: slaying 20+ column spreadsheets to ensure MCAS accommodations are in place for students.
  • To MS. BRADLEY for CITIZENSHIP: checking on me when I was sick and offering to bring me anything I needed
  • To MS. DASILVA for CITIZENSHIP: Last-minute, lending some important supplies to Geometry teachers for a project! We appreciate your help.
  • To MR. RODENAS for COURAGE: Getting that orgmega-project funded.  Wow!
  • To MS. RIPA for SCHOLARSHIP: Amazing work assessing MS literacy levels and getting us such good data!

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