Thank-You Thursday 01.11.18

It’s time to give SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Today, make sure you give a shout-out to the following people if you pass them in the hallway…

Middle School:
• To JOLIE J. for SCHOLARSHIP: Doing a great job on break homework and creating a powerful drawing on racism
• To ALEXIS N. for SCHOLARSHIP: Wrote a beautiful poem on racism for her break homework
• To ISA S. for SCHOLARSHIP: Great discussion moves in HRG like using a peer’s name, referring back to the text, and respectfully disagreeing with a peer
• To RAHUL C. for COURAGE: Participating/volunteering even more in Humanities and HRG
• To NYLA T. for SCHOLARSHIP: Always participating in Humanities
• To CHRISTANAELLE D. for SCHOLARSHIP: Great focus and participation in Humanities class
• To JA’NIYA, BERTIN, KIDUS, KYLIE, KERVEN, GEO for SCHOLARSHIP — great analysis of Oprah’s speech in humanities class.
High School:
• To NEAH for CITIZENSHIP for keeping us on track with the rollercoaster project (from a physics classmate)
• To JAYMIE for SCHOLARSHIP for offering new ideas for designs and building techniques (from a physics classmate)
• To JAYMIE, TIM and ZEKARIAS for COMMITMENT because their rollercoaster design were unique and it was difficult but they didn’t give up (from a physics classmate)
• To SEBASTIAN H. L. for CITIZENSHIP: Taking his time, even in the freezing temperatures, to help another student pick up the contents of their backpack that spilled out into the school parking lot.
• To JOSEPH P. for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: For coming up with a plan to quickly boost grades before Q2 closes.
• To THE 11TH GRADE for COMMITMENT: Coming back ready to work!
• To JUAN Z for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: Advocating for your needs and seeking extra support.
• To REBA-GLORY C for CITIZENSHIP: Great classmate to support your peers!
• To JOSEPH P for SCHOLARSHIP: On point in junior seminar!
• To JOSEPH P for COMMITMENT: Advocating for yourself appropriately after school
• To CECE M for COMMITMENT: Always working hard in biology!
• To NAIKA for COMMITMENT: Working so hard to keep your math grade up
• To SEIMON S for COMMITMENT: Stepping it up with your essay writing!
• To CORY M for CITIZENSHIP: bringing me tea from his workplace – thank you!
• To REBA-GLORY C, ADIA C, JALEN E, INGRID JP, SHANE R, DAGEMAWIT T, and ORION W for SCHOLARSHIP: contributions to our discussion of the recurring motif in Blankets. You made our discussion amazing!
• To DAWIT B for CITIZENSHIP: drawing an excellent picture about his new year’s resolution that made me laugh
• To MS. TECCA for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: For not only tackling all of the duty needs day one of returning from our winter break, but also immediately fielding lots of difficult alumni data questions that I had sent her way! Such a great multi-tasker!
• To MR. RUSS for SCHOLARSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: Deftly facilitating difficult conversations between students and adults
• To MR. VOGEL for CITIZENSHIP: Being a supportive and wise thought-partner at all times
• To MR. NOMANI for CITIZENSHIP: Quietly working to support so many adults and students in meaningful ways
• To MR. SUCHECK for CITIZENSHIP: Bringing so much positivity and joy and humor to our community on a consistent basis
• To MS. TECCA for COMMITMENT: Helping sort out tricky coverage situations on a daily basis
• To Ms. GARDONY for COMMITMENT: Giving helpful feedback for class observations AND “killing it” while being nine months pregnant
• To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP for finding laptops in the wrong cart and taking the initiative to move them to the correct one!
• To MR. REID for COURAGE — stepping up in a major way to help a student in need. Going above and beyond in myriad ways. Thank you!

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