Ending With Us (Spoken Word Poem)

IMG_8003Along with performances by the CCSC chorus and a round of shout-outs, Wednesday’s community meeting for high school students included poetry readings. Sophomore Cynthia Guerrier wrote and delivered a powerful spoken word poem. Read the words, then watch the video.


Ending With Us, by Cynthia Guerrier ’17

Tupac told me
To give Lady Liberty some glasses
So I will gladly hand them to her
I can’t do it alone.

Michael Jackson told me
To look at the person in the mirror and make a change
Just so that I can make the world a better place.
So I will look in the mirror
And I will make a change
I can’t do it alone.

Nelson Mandela told me
To destroy the poverty, apartheid, and slavery that man made.
So I will use my actions to undo the mistakes of others
I can’t do it alone.

MLK told me he had a dream.
He wanted me to grow and learn and make a difference
But he told me I could not do it alone.

So their dreams
End in