Novartis Community Lab Staff Visit CCSC

Novartis scientist and teaching corps member with AP chemistry student Jose.
Novartis scientist and teaching corps member with AP chemistry student Jose.

Biotech giant Novartis is expanding its corporate and research campus in Kendall Square near MIT, and a community lab will be part of its new 550,000 s.f. facility. Novartis scientists and members of its teaching corps recently met with the CCSC science faculty and visited classes to gather information about high school teaching and learning that will help inform the community lab’s programming and design. Continue reading “Novartis Community Lab Staff Visit CCSC”

Students Preview “Science Behind Pixar” Exhibit at MOS

_DSC0002This summer the Museum of Science will premier an exciting new exhibit called “The Science Behind Pixar.” On May 13 five CCSC middle schoolers were invited to preview parts of it and to participate in market research that will provide the exhibit designers from MOS and Pixar Animation Studios valuable feedback on the user experience. Continue reading “Students Preview “Science Behind Pixar” Exhibit at MOS”

Bio Students Take Part in Harvard Science Outreach Lab

2015-03-17 10.02.23Students in Ms. Seward’s biology class spent a morning last week at the Harvard Science Center, dissecting calf hearts under the supervision of Harvard post-docs and graduate students. The lab also asked students to measure their ECGs before and after using a treadmill in order to see how their own hearts’ electric signals respond to exercise. The opportunity for high school students to work in a college-level lab facility is one of the goals of Harvard’s Life Sciences Outreach program. Ms. Seward and learning specialist Daniel Fish accompanied the group.

More photos are available on the CCSC Facebook page (some are not for the squeamish).

Students Visit Harvard Biotech Lab

_DSC0063CCSC is fortunate to be located near Kendall Square, the world capital of the biotechnology industry, and a few blocks from MIT, whose research labs spawn so much innovation in the sector. But let’s not forget that there’s another major research university two miles down the road, and last Tuesday a group of juniors hopped on the T for the short ride to Harvard, where they participated in the Amgen Biotech Experience lab. Continue reading “Students Visit Harvard Biotech Lab”

CCSC Teacher Recognized for Excellence

Heather Haines with Gov. Patrick
Heather Haines with Gov. Patrick

CCSC science department chair Heather Haines was one of 11 teachers recognized for excellence at the 2014 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year celebration held June 13 at the Museum of Science. Governor Deval Patrick spoke, and Department of Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester and Education Secretary Michael Malone were on hand to congratulate the honorees. Continue reading “CCSC Teacher Recognized for Excellence”

Eggs-panding Students’ Engineering Skills

Phil Roebuck
Science teacher Phil Roebuck

Students in Phil Roebuck’s Principles of Science II class are competing in the First Annual CCSC Egg Drop Contest. Working in groups of three or four, each team is building an apparatus to protect their (raw) egg to withstand a four-story fall from the roof of the Lower School building. A complex point system based on the number of pre-approved materials used and the mass and volume of the apparatus will determine the winner.

The Egg Drop Contest challenges students to work collaboratively to put into practice what they’ve learned about the engineering design process. Students work through the entire process, carefully designing, building, and then testing their first prototypes before making design improvements and testing out their designs a second time. The project culminates with a group presentation, in which students explain how they applied the principles of crumple zones, drag, pressure distribution, and inertia to their designs, and describe what changes they would make if they were to go through the design process a third time.

Read the handout that explains the point system and the materials allowed.

Students working on their designs
Students working on their designs.
Mr. Roebuck drops an egg apparatus from the roof
Mr. Roebuck drops an egg apparatus from the roof of the Lower School Will this egg withstand the impact?


Students check to see if their egg survived the fall.
Students check to see if their egg survived the fall.
This egg did not make it
This egg did not make it.
Another casualty.
Another casualty.
This team's egg survived!
This team’s egg survived!