8th Grade Visits Museum of Science

_DSC0023CCSC’s main entrance on Bent Street faces south, toward Kendall Square and MIT, and with all the media attention focused on the development boom spurred by the innovation economy, it’s easy to forget that in the opposite direction – practically in our backyard – lies one of the world’s preeminent science museums.

In fact, with the 1951 opening of its modern facility on the Charles River Dam, the Museum of Science pioneered East Cambridge’s subsequent transformation from a regional manufacturing hub to a global center for technology and life sciences. As they walked to Science Park on the morning of January 9, our 8th grade students probably weren’t thinking about the vast changes in the neighborhood over the past half-century, but clearly they were looking forward to the chance to spend the day off campus, exploring the museum’s exhibits. Continue reading “8th Grade Visits Museum of Science”