Crush the MCAS: A Pep Talk

The hallways are hushed today because it is the first (of three) days of the 2014 MCAS tests in English Language Arts for students in 7th, 8th and 10th grade. To psych up their students to “crush” the tests, the CCSC humanities department created this video pep talk. Directed by Mandy Henry, the video features teachers Henry “I can fly!” Seton, Kyle “Figuratively, not literally, fly” Fahsel, Seth “Crush that voice” Pearce, Emily “You know how” Niska, Katie “You own it” Rieser, Dora “Don’t stop believing” Acosta, Ruby Stardrum, Day Farenga, and Harvard intern Fay Alexander along with several older students who have already crushed the MCAS. Casting successful students wasn’t hard: every member of the current 11th and 12th grade classes scored advanced or proficient on their 10th grade ELA MCAS, earning the school a #1 state ranking each year.

a pep talk from Mandy Henry on Vimeo.