Saluting Our First College Graduates

Courtney Johnson, Cornell '13
Courtney Johnson, Cornell ’13

We are very proud of the eight members of the Class of 2009, CCSC’s first class of graduates, who earned their college degrees in 2013. We salute:

Ona Anosike: Northeastern University
Gaelle Abraham: Wheaton College
Ariel Garcia: UMass Dartmouth
Rachel Evelyn Jean-Louis: Denison University
Courtney Johnson: Cornell University
Sarah Joseph: Fairfield University
Mitchell Moise Emmanuel College
Steven Rodenas: Boston College

Twenty-one students graduated from CCSC in 2009. Our four-year college completion rate of 38% is well above the 25% national average for students of color.

We are pleased that seven other members of the Class of 2009 are still enrolled in college and working toward their degrees, bringing our anticipated 5-year college completion rate to 71%.

Our college enrollment rates are strong for subsequent classes. Of the 20 members of the Class of 2010, 17 (85%) are still enrolled in college as of June 2013. Of the 20 members of the Class of 2011, 15 (75%) are still enrolled, and 20 of 23 members of the Class of 2012 (87%) are still enrolled. All 32 members of the Class of 2013 will enroll in college next year, over 90% to 4-year schools.

Steven Rodenas, Boston College '13
Steven Rodenas, Boston College ’13
Rachel Jean-Louis, Dension University '13
Rachel Jean-Louis, Dension University ’13
Ariel Garcia, UMass Dartmouth '13
Ariel Garcia, UMass Dartmouth ’13

Introducing our New Alumni Coordinator

Alumni Coordinator Tarshe Derival
Alumni Coordinator Tarshe Derival

Last week we welcomed Tarshe Derival to the CCSC staff. As our new alumni coordinator, Ms. Derival will be reaching out to recent CCSC graduates, visiting them at their colleges, and offering support and encouragement to stay in school and earn their degrees. She will also be doing the critical work of gathering data on CCSC’s alums – where they are, how they’re doing, the ways CCSC adequately prepared them as well as the areas in which CCSC must improve to better equip graduates for the challenges they will face. Continue reading “Introducing our New Alumni Coordinator”