Students Visit Harvard Biotech Lab

_DSC0063CCSC is fortunate to be located near Kendall Square, the world capital of the biotechnology industry, and a few blocks from MIT, whose research labs spawn so much innovation in the sector. But let’s not forget that there’s another major research university two miles down the road, and last Tuesday a group of juniors hopped on the T for the short ride to Harvard, where they participated in the Amgen Biotech Experience lab.

The program is part of Harvard’s Life Sciences Outreach, which brings high school students to the university’s Science Center to introduce them to world-class research facilities and lab protocols. The morning-long lab gave the students in Dr. Jeff Molk’s biology class hands-on experience producing genetically modified bacteria by running some of the genetic engineering protocols that are the foundation of contemporary biotech research. The Amgen-funded program also includes a professional development component, which Dr. Molk took part in last fall.

Thank you, Harvard and Amgen, for providing CCSC students the opportunity to use state-of-the-art lab equipment and facilities and to imagine themselves doing cutting-edge scientific research.



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