The Weekly Shout Out Tradition

commitment & scholarhsip bannersWith just 360 students in grades 7-12, CCSC is a small school where every individual is well known in the community. One of the ways we support and appreciate each other is through the tradition of Thursday Shout Outs, or “Thank You Thursday.”

Each week, Lower School Principal Becki Norris solicits shout outs from faculty, staff and students who wish to recognize and thank each other for acts that exemplify CCSC’s core values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship. Continue reading “The Weekly Shout Out Tradition”

The Morning Handshake


Caleb Hurst-Hiller greets a student.
Caleb Hurst-Hiller greets a student.

Welcome to the new CCSC blog! What better way to begin than with a post on the CCSC tradition of the Morning Handshake?

As a relatively young school (this is our eighth year in operation), we haven’t had long to burnish school traditions, but the Morning Handshake, a ritual that began on Day One, is already deeply rooted in CCSC culture. Each morning, every student shakes hands and exchanges a greeting with an administrator upon crossing the threshold. (For those of you who enjoy crunching numbers, that’s about 1,800 handshakes a week, or 64,000 handshakes a school year, not counting the Summer Academy, which is when new CCSC students first encounter the Morning Handshake routine.)

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