Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrate-Black-History-MonEach year CCSC celebrates Black History Month with a special all-school assembly that features student speakers and performances by the chorus. This year’s BHM event (“At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality: The Emancipation Proclamation & The March on Washington”) is scheduled for Friday, February 15 at MIT’s Walker Auditorium. We are honored to have Kellie Carter Jackson, of Harvard’s African & African American Studies Department, as the keynote speaker. Continue reading “Celebrating Black History Month”

Why We Teach

CCSC_Why_I_Teach_PosterThe best schools are mission-driven organizations, and a strong sense of mission is as critical to success at the personal level as it is at the institutional level. By necessity, teachers spend most of their time focused on the who (knowing their students well), the what (knowing the content and skills students need to master), and the where and when (figuring out how to squeeze everything into their daily and semester schedules), that the why of it all can be easy to lose sight of.

So, at a recent professional development day some members of CCSC’s faculty and staff took a few minutes to reflect on why they had decided to work in education, and to share their personal missions. Here are a few examples: Continue reading “Why We Teach”

Senior Internships Kick Off

Seniors Shadia Ahmed and Abby Teixeira
Seniors Shadia Ahmed and Abby Teixeira

CCSC’s Class of 2013 marks a major milestone on the road to graduation with the start of their senior internships today. For any readers who don’t know, the senior internship experience is part of CCSC’s mission statement “to prepare students for post-secondary success and productive citizenship through meaningful real world experiences.” Continue reading “Senior Internships Kick Off”

Why Choose a Charter School? And Why CCSC?

BNN_InterviewCommunity Charter School of Cambridge was one of over 20 public charter schools represented at the 13th Annual Boston Area Charter School Showcase. Over 450 families attended this year’s event, held January 26 on the campus of Wentworth Institute of Technology. Continue reading “Why Choose a Charter School? And Why CCSC?”

Introducing our New Alumni Coordinator

Alumni Coordinator Tarshe Derival
Alumni Coordinator Tarshe Derival

Last week we welcomed Tarshe Derival to the CCSC staff. As our new alumni coordinator, Ms. Derival will be reaching out to recent CCSC graduates, visiting them at their colleges, and offering support and encouragement to stay in school and earn their degrees. She will also be doing the critical work of gathering data on CCSC’s alums – where they are, how they’re doing, the ways CCSC adequately prepared them as well as the areas in which CCSC must improve to better equip graduates for the challenges they will face. Continue reading “Introducing our New Alumni Coordinator”

Thank You Thursday (1/24/13)

Mr. Roebuck sorting midterm exams after school.
Mr. Roebuck sorting midterm exams after school.

Today is Day 2 (of 3) of midterm exams for students in all grades, so our Thank You Thursday tradition is on hiatus until next week. But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate each other this week – more than ever, in fact!

It really does take a village of faculty and staff to plan, administer, and grade midterm exams for 360 students in all of their courses. And a whole lot of xeroxing, too! Continue reading “Thank You Thursday (1/24/13)”

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Katie Riser and Chris Duffy
Katie Riser and Chris Duffy

1,000 Words: Stories About Photographs is the title of a collection of stories and poems written by nine CCSC students and published in collaboration with Open Stories Project, a Boston-based literacy organization. The book contains illustrations by a dozen local artists who volunteer with the nonprofit. Open Stories Project was one of several new extracurricular activities at CCSC this fall. Continue reading “A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words”

8th Grade Visits Museum of Science

_DSC0023CCSC’s main entrance on Bent Street faces south, toward Kendall Square and MIT, and with all the media attention focused on the development boom spurred by the innovation economy, it’s easy to forget that in the opposite direction – practically in our backyard – lies one of the world’s preeminent science museums.

In fact, with the 1951 opening of its modern facility on the Charles River Dam, the Museum of Science pioneered East Cambridge’s subsequent transformation from a regional manufacturing hub to a global center for technology and life sciences. As they walked to Science Park on the morning of January 9, our 8th grade students probably weren’t thinking about the vast changes in the neighborhood over the past half-century, but clearly they were looking forward to the chance to spend the day off campus, exploring the museum’s exhibits. Continue reading “8th Grade Visits Museum of Science”