Outdoor Club Launches Electronics Recycling Drive & Raffle

Help us fund our 6th annual canoe trip.
Help fund our canoe trip by donating old electronics.

The CCSC Outdoor Club is gearing up for its 6th annual Spring Canoe Trip to the Connecticut River in New Hampshire and Vermont. This three-day trip involves tent camping for two nights and some long days of paddling.  For some students, this will be the third or fourth time they’ve gone on this adventure; it will be the maiden voyage for others. We must rent a large van, feed 15 people (students plus faculty chaperones Colin Tracy and Katie Rieser), and hire several canoes from an outfitter, making this by far the most expensive trip we do each year.  We ask participants to contribute $20 to help cover a portion of the trip’s costs.

The Outdoor Club is raising money for the trip by participating in an electronics recycling fundraiser program. We are collecting old cell phones, Apple iPods and iPads, and used inkjet cartridges, which will then be recycled or refurbished. The Outdoor Club will be reimbursed for each item according to its value. The program accepts broken or damaged items, although working items will earn us much more.

CCSC students who contribute items will be entered in a raffle for prizes (1 item = 2 tickets). Raffle tickets may also be purchased for $2 each or two tickets for $5. The grand prize is a pair of Solo HD Beats by Dre headphones. Raffle proceeds help fund the trip.

The electronics drive and raffle ticket sale will last until Friday, May 23.  Please help if you can by bringing items to CCSC.

Last year's canoe trip. This will be our 6th.
Last year’s canoe trip. This will be our 6th.

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Outdoor Club leader Mr. Tracy.
Outdoor Club leader Mr. Tracy.

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