“Molina Speaks” Visits CCSC

Molina Speaks at CCSC on Sept. 14
Molina Speaks at CCSC on Sept. 14

On Saturday afternoon, renowned spoken word and hip hop artist, Molina Speaks, shared his experience and talent with thirty-some CCSC students. The workshop focused on messages related to storytelling. Molina asked students to consider who tells their stories and to evaluate the representation of race, class, power, and the future within the “dominant narrative.” Together, they examined the idea of counter-storytelling through Molina’s music, community activism, and visual art. Students brainstormed their vision of what the year 2020 could be, and with Molina’s help, wrote their own piece of poetry:

Build 2020
Get peace, starts with you.
Believe in yourself and your stealth.
When it’s time become visible.
Use your tools–
technology, intelligence, voice, humanity, spirit
to prove education
Books and brains,
let knowledge reign
on the people–
Kings and Queens,
let it be seen.

For more information on Molina Speaks, go to www.molinaspeaks.com.

Thank you to Hannah Kehn for submitting this recap and photos of the event. Ms. Kehn interned at CCSC two years ago when she was a student in the School Leadership Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.





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