If CCSC’s Walls Could Talk…

Head of School Caleb Hurst-Hiller exhorts students to prepare well for midterms.
Head of School Caleb Hurst-Hiller exhorts students to prepare well for midterms.

If CCSC’s walls could talk, they’d have a great vocabulary!

Reading is the best way to build vocabulary, which is one reason the CCSC schedule includes a period called Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) four mornings a week when everyone—students and faculty—picks up a book or magazine and spends a serene* 30 minutes reading for pleasure.

Another way we help students hone their vocabularies is through the Word of the Week posters on the walls. Humanities teacher Katie Rieser selects the words from an SAT practice list and crafts humorous sentences using them for the posters, which have proliferated on campus this fall.

“Students would be hard pressed not to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the posters as they pass by between classes,” asserts Ms. Rieser. “Teachers can exhort students to study and memorize vocabulary lists until we’re blue in the face, but we all know regular daily exposure to new words is far more effective than cramming,” says the ever-genial Ms. Rieser, with a smile. “I can tolerate many foibles in students, but there’s no excuse for a poor vocabulary at CCSC!”

* Each of the italicized words has been featured on a Word of the Week poster this year.

You never can tell where you might catch a glimpse of a new vocabulary word.

serene (adj): calm and peaceful
hone (v): to sharpen something, as in a skill
proliferate (v): to increase quickly in number of amount
fleeting (adj.): not lasting; lasting only a short time
glimpse (v): to look at or see for a very short time
genial (adj): cheerful and pleasant
assert (v): to state in a strong and definite way
exhort (v): to strongly urge someone to do something
foible (n): a minor weakness in someone’s character

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