Good Luck to our Harvard SLP Interns

Steve Henderson and Barbara Eghan
Steve Henderson and Barbara Eghan

Last week we said good-bye to our two principal interns from the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s School Leadership Program (SLP), Steve Henderson and Barbara Eghan, both of whom made significant contributions to the CCSC community since joining us last fall.

Mr. Henderson and Ms. Eghan, who will receive their master’s degrees next week, are both heading to California to pursue new education leadership opportunities. Mr. Henderson will return to the Monterey area, where he was formerly head of school and dean of students at the New High School Project at Chartwell. Ms. Eghan will move to the Los Angeles area to become director of community outreach at the Polytechnic School in Pasadena.

Mr. Henderson helped Upper School Principal Chris Cook launch the school’s successful Male Mentoring Program and worked with our information technology staff to develop a system to analyze student performance data on quarterly interim assessments. He also helped to develop and implement a new system of teacher observation and evaluation.

“I came to CCSC because I wanted to work in a charter school that is achieving at a high level, that is living the culture of high expectations and continuous improvement, and is applying that ethos to continually improving the structures and systems of the school to maximize student learning, help all students get to and through college and be part of the nation wide effort to close the achievement gap,” he says. “CCSC does all that and has been an incredibly important part of my learning this year in the School Leadership Program at HGSE.”

Ms. Eghan, who was associate director of admissions and an English teacher at the Groton School prior to Harvard, worked closely with Lower School Principal Becki Norris on several projects including programming and outreach for the Parent Guardian Association and teacher evaluation and support. She also helped Mr. Cook coordinate the Senior Internship Program, liaising with sponsors and mentors, coaching students on professional comportment and expectations, and planning the logistics of SIP Exhibition event, at which her many contributions were recognized before an appreciative audience of mentors, students, and guests.

“The Internship Exhibition truly was a remarkable culminating event, not only for our seniors but for me as well,” she says. “The energy, excitement, and community of CCSC that made so strong an impression during my first visit nearly a year ago was palpable and powerful—an amazing feeling that lingers for me still, and I am sure it will for a long time to come.”

Several CCSC administrators and faculty have studied at HGSE; Mr. Cook is a former SLP intern and HGSE alumnus, and Caleb Hurst-Hiller (head of school), Paula Evans (founding head), Vanessa Barrios (director of guidance and counseling), Erin Morin (English teacher), Sherelle Ferguson (history teacher), Corinne Kielbasa (math department chair), and Ms. Norris all earned their master’s degrees at HGSE. We look forward to working with next year’s SLP interns.


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