Documenting the Impact of Global Warming

_DSC0036“What are you going to do to prove to people that you understood what was going on?” That was the question photojournalist David Arnold posed after sharing some of his work yesterday with students in Jessica DaSilva’s studio art elective. Mr. Arnold, who documents the impact over time of global warming on (melting) glaciers and (dying) coral reefs, concluded his presentation with a photo of himself being arrested in an act of civil disobedience protesting America’s energy policy. Mr. Arnold wants his children and grandchildren to know that he understood, and took action through his art, politics and lifestyle choices.

_DSC0042Mr. Arnold’s time lapse photos make the effects of climate change undeniable, and the stark changes on land and underwater are undeniably unsettling. “Don’t think someone else is going to solve this problem for you,” he warned students.

The presentation took place right next door to CCSC in the expansive art studio where Mr. Arnold’s nonagenarian mother, Dorothy (“Doffie”) Arnold, created a prodigious body of visual art. After Mr. Arnold’s slide show, the students roamed the studio and admired the great variety of the paintings and drawings that are now being sold as part of The Doffie Project, in which all profits are directed to a non-profit of the buyer’s choice.

The Arnold family is deeply committed to arts education, and we thank them for inviting some of our students to visit and experience the power of art to inspire positive change.

Dorothy Arnold art studio on Bent St.
Dorothy Arnold art studio on Bent St.


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