Choosing to Succeed…Because

New mural painted by 2013 graduates Charde Hunt and Shadia Ahmed.
New mural painted by 2013 graduates Charde Hunt and Shadia Ahmed.

Our school motto (“Because success is a choice”) is a daily reminder that everyone here has chosen to attend or to work at CCSC and that success is the outcome that we hope – expect — will follow from making the choice to join our community and to embrace the values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. So, as we begin another school year, it’s good to reflect on why we made that choice and on what we hope to gain from the experience of being at CCSC.

On the first day of school ninth grade humanities teacher Ann Cheng told her students that she teaches at CCSC because she cares deeply about creating pathways to college and career opportunities for urban students of color. Then she asked her students to reflect on why they chose to attend CCSC: “You could go to an easier school, one that won’t care if you don’t hand in your homework every day, one where you don’t have to wear a uniform or worry about getting demerits, one where you could just slide by. You’ve chosen to be here — why?”

Here are some of their answers:

“I want to challenge myself.”

“At CCSC the teachers will try their hardest to teach me. That is what I need as a student.”

“I’m ready to change my community and I wanted to be the first in my family to graduate high school and college. I want to be ready to change the future’s danger and bloodshed.”

“I am here to become a black African American surgeon.”

“I feel the teachers here actually take care of and help me. I feel like they care about me and my life academically and as a person.”

“I see how important going to college is to this school and that’s how important going to college is to me.”

“I want a chance at success. I want to be looked up to. In order to be looked up to in today’s world, you have to put in a lot of work. That is what they teach us at CCSC.”

“I want to be a role model to my family members and show them that I can succeed in life…I want to take good care of my opportunity that I have. I know that many people don’t have this opportunity.”

“I want a good education for myself. I don’t want to struggle like my parents did at first to find a good home and help me have a good life and attend a good school.”

“I had the choice to go to a school that was really easy…Even though it takes me 2 hours to wake up and get here, I know it’s worth it.”

“Everyone at this school went to college…I am here because I want to be one of those students. I want to see my family and my country and myself succeed.”

“I really love making my mom feel proud of me.”

“I am here to make friends that I will never forget.”

“I wanted to go to a school where we are more disciplined and we are taught in a classroom where there aren’t a lot of students.”

“I want to make my parents proud. They always say I’m not going to get far because I sometimes don’t do my work so I want to prove them wrong.”

New mural painted by 2013 graduates Charde Hunt and Shadia Ahmed.
New mural painted by 2013 graduates Charde Hunt and Shadia Ahmed.


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