Thank-You Thursday 03.08.18

Middle School:

  • To THE MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM for COMMITMENT: Way to go on winning the championship! Thank you for representing CCSC so well with your hard work and drive!
  • To AMANI NUNES for CITIZENSHIP: Helping Advisors during DEAR and working hard to earn merits in the community
  • To MOHAMMED A. for COMMITMENT: for working hard this quarter to be on top of his work!
  • To SORAYA A. for CITIZENSHIP: for always having a positive attitude in math.
  • To KIDUS B. for COMMITMENT: for asking a good question in math and pushing back against the teacher’s answer!
  • To MESHELL B. for SCHOLARSHIP: for constantly strong work in math.
  • To NATALIE D.V. for COMMITMENT: for staying after school consistently to get a lot of work completed with teachers!
  • To JAYDAN D. for COMMITMENT: for staying after school and working productively!
  • To PRANAWA P. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a supportive seat partner.
  • To LOVENSKEE D. for COMMITMENT: for advocating for his needs and asking for help when needed.
  • To ALETHA D. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a supportive seat partner.
  • To SAL E.H. for CITIZENSHIP: for being socially aware and having good conversations about his behavior with teachers.
  • To DULIA E. for COMMITMENT: for working hard throughout independent work in math!
  • To TREVELL H. for COMMITMENT: for asking great questions in math about the homework to complete it well.
  • To SAMUEL J. for COMMITMENT: for pushing himself to get more work done in math.
  • To JEREMIAH J. for CITIZENSHIP: for helping seat partner by copying his notes for him.
  • To TAHMID K. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a supportive seat partner.
  • To MARHAWITE M. for COMMITMENT: for getting a lot of work done in math during independent work.
  • To JELISSA F. for COMMITMENT: for getting a lot of work done in math during independent work.
  • To EDLAWIT D. for COMMITMENT: for having a focused week in IMC!
  • To BLESSING O. for CITIZENSHIP: for communicating honestly and openly with teachers.
  • To NIKITA R. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a supportive seat partner.
  • To VISHAK R. for COURAGE: for being inquisitive about college and asking teachers good questions.
  • To NATHANIEL R. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a supportive seat partner.
  • To MARC R. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a positive force in the classroom.
  • To JAYDAN D. for SCHOLARSHIP: for growing since arriving at CCSC and completing homework more thoroughly!
  • To JAYDAN D (again!!) for CITIZENSHIP: fun conversations with you about “foul line”, “rock the cradle” and “360” dunk shots. 🙂
  • To TRISTAN J. (7) for SCHOLARSHIP: Excellent participation in Humanities and insightful comments
  • To RAHUL C., NYLA T., and MOHAMED A. for COMMITMENT: Participating every single class
  • To NADIRA F. for SCHOLARSHIP: Really insightful and deep contributions to Honors Reading Group

High School:

  • To JAEDEN for SCHOLARSHIP for doing good work (from a physics classmate)
  • To ALIYAH for CITIZENSHIP because she helped me with work (from a physics classmate)
  • To DEANNA for SCHOLARSHIP because she’s a great partner (from a physics classmate)
  • To CARLVIN for COMMITMENT for being persistent (from a physics classmate)
  • To NARESA for CITIZENSHIP because she helped me on my work this week (from a physics classmate)
  • To SOPHIA for CITIZENSHIP for helping me on classwork (from a physics classmate)
  • To TIM for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT, he stayed on task all class (from 2 physics classmates)
  • To MIA S for COURAGE: you dive into brave conversations, and you’re super impressive!
  • To ROHIT C, WO WEI L, and BRENDON B for SCHOLARSHIP: leading the charge teaching the young robotics kids about the robot.
  • To OLIVIA Z. for SCHOLARSHIP: Good contributions to HRG
  • To JANIYA R. and PRISCILLA T. for SCHOLARSHIP: Asking good questions and contributing to HRG discussion


  • To MR. RODENAS for ALL THE CCSC VALUES AND MORE: Expertly coaching our Middle School boys to a championship!
  • To MS. JEAN – LOUIS for SCHOLARSHIP: Always thinking critically, intellectually, and efficiently when it comes to pushing our students towards success with content
  • To MR. HOWARD for CITIZENSHIP: Always brightening up my mornings and being a model of calm perseverance!
  • To MR. PEREZ-LUNA for COMMITMENT: your superhuman planning abilities make it easy to support students
  • To MR. ISSAC, DR. MOLK and MS. SCHOBER for CITIZENSHIP: Helping me talk through some difficult situations.

Thank-You Thursday 12.07.15

It’s time to give SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Today, make sure you give a shout-out to the following people if you pass them in the hallway…

Middle School:

  • To AJANAE H. for SCHOLARSHIP: shout-out for always coming to IMB with tons of questions and ready to learn!
  • To ERICA T. for SCHOLARSHIP: For continuing to kill it in Q2 and work hard in all of her classes!
  • To NADIRA F. for CITIZENSHIP: Thinking of me during our written affirmations activity on the Day of Wonder. Thank you so much! – Ms. Norris
  • To Ms. THAYER’S ADVISORY for CITIZENSHIP: Respecting the code of conduct during the Day of Wonder and thereby setting a shining example of how CCSC students represent in public.
  • To BENJALYS C.M. and ERICA T. for COURAGE: Contributing really thoughtfully to the Wonder community meeting
  • To LISA F. for COMMITMENT: Giving a book a try even though it has difficult and personal subject matter.
  • To RAHUL C. and LOGIAN A. for SCHOLARSHIP: Reading the honors text for this unit
  • To MARK K for SCHOLARSHIP: working hard to learn algebra!
  • To JACQUELYN for SCHOLARSHIP: Amazing focus in humanities.  Always excited to check in with you about what you’re reading these days…

High School:

  • To JAMAREE O for COMMITMENT: Working to make positive decisions for himself around work and consequences so that he can be active on the basketball team
  • To the new inductees of NHS for all 4 values: Congratulations, induction ceremony was awesome!
  • To CAHEL S for SCHOLARSHIP: First person to do an honors presentation in bio!
  • To CHRISTIANA and DAGEM for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: Consistently getting right to work and making the most out of your class time!
  • To ANDY L., ENOCH L., KYLA C-L, CHRISTNALY C., DEVIN N-O for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: Thank you for all of your hard work in MC-ing and tech support at Pep Rally.
  • To MIA for COMMITMENT: consistently working hard and asking questions during classwork/partner time (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAMARY for SCHOLARSHIP: figuring out problem 3 and correcting my mistake and helping me (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAMARY for CITIZENSHIP: helping me understand the HW when I was confused (from a physics classmate)
  • To BINIYAM for COURAGE: he asked a questions when reviewing HW  (from a physics classmate)
  • To SOPHIA for CITIZENSHIP: for being understanding  (from a physics classmate)
  • To DEANNA for COMMITMENT: for working hard this whole week!  (from a physics classmate)
  • To JAEDEN for COMMITMENT: for doing a good job in class  (from a physics classmate)
  • To DAMARY for COMMITMENT: because she always follows directions  (from a physics classmate)
  • To DORA, ONEISHA, SAMANTA, LUIS and BEVERLY for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT:  For paving the way for all of the senior class with college admissions!
  • To MICHAEL H. for COMMITMENT: working so incredibly hard for one of his best quarters ever! Keep it up Mikey, we are so proud of you.
  • To SATOYA I. for CITIZENSHIP: putting reminders on my board to help me remember to put up the chairs at the end of the day!
  • To JUDELINE J. and SATOYA I for SCHOLARSHIP: Drafting excellent direct examination questions in mock trial
  • To LAURIE J for COURAGE AND SCHOLARSHIP: volunteering to explain an answer in math class!
  • To IVERSON for SCHOLARSHIP: Sticking with a tough poem in humanities class
  • To CALEB T, MENA K, and ANEEYA L for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent contributions to discussion of poetry
  • To ALI F, WO WEI L, YISHAK A, ALVIN C, and ROHIT C for COMMITMENT: showing great leadership for Newspaper Club
  • To CALEB W for CITIZENSHIP: shepherding students to the correct room for the Newspaper Club meeting


  • To MS. HENRY & MS. OSEI for COMMITMENT: Pouring hours of time and an immeasurable quantity of heart into organizing an amazing Day of Wonder for the entire middle school!
  • To MS. NORRIS for CITIZENSHIP: Expanding our CCSC community by bringing her family to Pep Rally
  • To MR. PACE and MR. TJERNELL for COMMITMENT: Being the best TeaCHEERs this school has ever seen at Pep Rally
  • To MS. BRADLEY, MS. JEAN-LOUIS, MR. PEREZ-LUNA, MR. BAEZA, MR. RODENAS for COMMITMENT: Preparing for the performance of a lifetime.
  • To MS. EFRON and MS. GARDONY for COURAGE: Leaving it all on the stage during their incredible Lip Sync performance.
  • To MS. OSEI, MS. HENRY, MS. ALEXANDER for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: You three do so much work behind the scenes to make all of our school wide events the best they can be for our entire school community. Thank you!
  • To MS. LUIS for CITIZENSHIP: shout out for always helping your students and coworkers whenever they need it, you truly are a super star.
  • To MS. TECCA and MS. ROBBINS for COMMITMENT AND SCHOLARSHIP: For always giving me the lowdown and answering my plethora of questions!
  • To Ms. HENRY for COMMUNITY: Arranging a terrifically fun and engaging Day of Wonder!
  • To Ms. OSEI for COURAGE: Creating a safe space for and leading a stirring discussion about bullying.
  • To Ms. NORRIS, Mr. FRIEDMAN, and Mr. MORRIS for SCHOLARSHIP: Leading activities which enhanced the meaning of the Day of Wonder.
  • To MR. TJERNELL for CITIZENSHIP: For covering a morning supervision shift
  • To MS. GALVIN for COMMITMENT: attending each and every IEP meeting – THANK YOU!
  • To MS. SCHOBER for COURAGE: Continued math dept leadership and breakfast sandwiches for all (!)
  • To MR. BAEZA for COMMITMENT: Cheerleaders added so much spirit to the scene Friday night.  Thanks for your continued work preparing them to rep us well!
  • To MS. HENRY for COMMITMENT: planning and executing a powerful and fun Wonder day

Help get CCSC to D.C.!

We’ve spent three years with our current eighth graders, watching them grow from squirrely sixth graders to students ready to enter high school.  We’ve lived and learned together as positive community members and citizens.  We’ve studied the structure of our government and how we can make our voices heard.

We want to take this group of scholars to Washington, D.C. this spring.

We demand a lot out of our students, and the same thing will happen on this trip (with a lot of fun mixed in).

Donate here and enter “DC” into the designation field!

Thank-You Thursday (on a Friday!) 11.03.17

Middle School:

  • To HEAVEN for CITIZENSHIP: Collecting homework scores and being kind to a classmate having a hard time.
  • To MELANIE for COMMITMENT: Asking for help and coming after school to work on assignments.
  • To SORAYA for CITIZENSHIP: Taking notes for a classmate while they were in the bathroom.
  • To LISA F. for SCHOLARSHIP: Expressing her love of math and doing really well in math
  • To CHRISTOPHER M. for COMMITMENT: reminding me to start handing out tickets in IMC
  • To GEO for CITIZENSHIP: always making our advisory laugh
  • To ERMEYAS for COMMITMENT: teaching a classmate how to play a card game really well in advisory
  • To MARHAWITE for CITIZENSHIP: coming after school to urban agriculture with a positive attitude
  • To AJANAE for COMMITMENT: being open about what she did well in Q1 and areas of growth
  • To NADIRA for CITIZENSHIP: consistently cleaning up our advisory space. I appreciate you!
  • To HIBA for SCHOLARSHIP: working hard on Spanish during morning meeting. The hard work paid off!
  • To JA’NIYA for COMMITMENT: bouncing back from setbacks to participate in advisory
  • To DANERY for CITIZENSHIP: respectfully listening to classmates during advisory
  • To ALEXIS for COMMITMENT: advocating for yourself and always asking questions
  • To ANTONIO for CITIZENSHIP: engaging with classmates and being a part of our community
  • To JOLIE for COMMITMENT: being on top of grades and ready to reflect on quarter 1
  • To MARLON for CITIZENSHIP: being a great friend and checking-in on classmates in advisory
  • To SORAYA for SCHOLARSHIP: Great participation in science as we begin quarter 2!
  • To AMANEALE for SCHOLARSHIP: Off to a strong start in science in quarter 2.
  • To NATALIE D.V. for SCHOLARSHIP: working HARD last week during the benchmarks!!!
  • To DULIA E. for SCHOLARSHIP: working HARD last week during the benchmarks!!!
  • To ZION C.G. for SCHOLARSHIP: working HARD last week during the benchmarks!!!
  • To MOHAMMED A. for COURAGE: settling into CCSC and having a good first quarter!
  • To BLESSING O. for COMMITMENT: always asking questions and bringing positivity into math!
  • To EDLAWIT D. and ALETHA D. for SCHOLARSHIP: for having productive discussions around math problems with seat partner
  • To JELISSA F. for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: for being a positive force in IMC and having a stellar first quarter at CCSC!
  • To PRANAWA P. for COMMITMENT: for having a strong first quarter at CCSC this year!
  • To SORAYA A. for CITIZENSHIP: for helping her peers focus and supporting them in understanding new concepts in class
  • To BRANNIA H. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a positive force in IMC
  • To MARHAWITE M. for CITIZENSHIP: for being a positive force in IMC
  • To ALEXIS N. for SCHOLARSHIP: Asking really strong questions in Humanities and providing funny comments.
  • To AJANAE H. for SCHOLARSHIP: For strong participation this week in Humanities.

High School:

  • To SAMANTA B. for COMMITMENT: Going after POSSE like nobody’s business.
  • To ALEX P. for SCHOLARSHIP: Being meticulous and thoughtful about where she’s applying to colleges.
  • To CHRISTIANA and NAKISHI for SCHOLARSHIP: for always using study hall time so wisely and staying focused the whole time.
  • To WINSTON, TESLIE, XAVIER, KENDLY, HIENZ, CARLTON, ALIYAH, CHRIST, JAYMIE, SALIEMA, AZALYDA, KEVIN for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: nice job studying at the end of Q1 – scores improved by over 10% from the physics unit test to the benchmark the following week!
  • To CAHEL S. for SCHOLARSHIP: Your total engagement for the duration of your US History benchmark was impressive.  Way to persevere!
  • To JAMAREE O. for COURAGE: Fighting through the full time of your US History benchmark, which was rumored to be a pretty tough exam.  Many people would have thrown in the towel but watching you continuously re-focus yourself was very inspiring. Happy to see you won the battle!
  • To JAMAREE and DAGEM for COMMITMENT: Pushing yourself in math, asking good questions and staying after for help.
  • To KEVIN J for SCHOLARSHIP: Always holding it down in biology!


  • To DR. MOLK for CITIZENSHIP: Stepping in to cover duties and classes at critical moments multiple times. Thank you!
  • To MS. OSEI, MS. NORRIS, MR. ISAAC, and MS. GALVIN for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: for developing such an amazing menu of interventions for CCSC that will certainly support the learning of our highest needs’ students.
  • To 6th GRADE ADVISORS for CITIZENSHIP: for setting an amazing culture in your 6th grade advisories.
  • To MR. RODENAS for CITIZENSHIP: Helping out 7th grade advisors.
  • To Mr. HOWARD for SCHOLARSHIP: Really strong guided reading lesson on the American Dream.
  • To Ms. HENRY for COMMITMENT: For helping the 7th grade team revitalize their classroom library.
  • To MR. RODENAS and MS. JEAN-LOUIS for COMMITMENT: For organizing a strong mentoring retreat this past Friday.

Meet the NEW 2017-2018 Staff and Faculty!

Ms. Gaëlle Abraham
Study Hall, Typing, Cooking Club

Gaelle is an alumni of CCSC, from the the first graduating class. Prior to her return to the school, she worked with preschoolers / toddlers and with trauma teens as behavioral youth councilor for Germain Lawrence – YouthVillages. Gaelle also attended culinary school but returned to CCSC to continue her work with children because she believes that adults have such an important impact on children.

Ms. Lindsay Baglien, RN

Lindsay came to CCSC in 2017, during the 2016-2017 school year. Prior to her current role as school nurse, she worked as a nurse in the emergency departments of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, and St Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center in Chicago. She also works as a flight nurse for international medical escorts / retrievals on a per-diem basis. Lindsay is responsible for the health and wellness of students and faculty, and adhering to the regulatory requirements set forth by the Department of Public Health.

Ms. Erin Barno
Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus

Before joining CCSC, Erin was a 6th grade Mathematics teacher at a Boston Public School. She has been a teacher since 2015.



Ms. Savannah Bradley
Precalculus, Varsity Softball, Student Council

Savannah is recent graduate of Harvard College and is currently earning her Masters in Education while teaching through the Harvard Teacher Fellows Program.


Ms. Shaniqua Choice
US History 1 and 2

Prior to her current, Shaniqua was a MATCH Corps tutor and Sposato Graduate School of Education Fellow. Shaniqua is dedicated to the school’s mission by teaching rigorous content and holding the students to the highest expectations.

Ms. Mary Ellen Costello
Special Programs Administrative Assistant

Mary Ellen is responsible for scheduling and maintaining special education records.



Mr. Ariel Garcia
Technology Integration Associate






Ms. Katie Gowell
Spanish 1, Spanish 4

Katie has taught previously in Peru and traveled extensively.




Ms. Lauren Grams
IMB, Learning Lab, Humanities, IMC Lab, Humanities Lab

Lauren previously completed a full year of student teaching in Chicopee, MA.



Ms. Cassandra Grey-Sautelet
Development and External Relations Coordinator, Cross Country, Track & Field

​Cassie most recently completed the role of Marketing & Events Manager for the Kendall Square Association and previously worked as an architectural designer for various architecture and engineering firms. She currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti, a nonprofit organization based in Greater Boston, and on the Board of Directors for Ruth’s Way for Women and TSC Childcare.

Mr. Jake Haskel
Guidance Counselor Intern

Jake was a Teach For America Corps Member in Baltimore, MD where he taught Spanish to students in grades K-8 for 3 years. Most recently, he was a guidance counselor intern in the Newton, MA school district. He is currently in his second year of graduate studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education pursuing his 5-12 school counselor license.

Mr. Christopher Hope
Admissions and Outreach Coordinator

Chris is responsible for satisfying CCSC’s student recruitment needs, and leading the Admission’s Student Ambassadors team. When not at CCSC, Chris is musician, DJ, and on-air personality.

Mr. Reuben Howard

Reuben is originally from Texas but moved to the Boston area for his undergraduate studies and fell in love with New England. He is a part of the Harvard Teacher Fellow’s second cohort and is passionate about social justice work in education. Reuben brings his deep love of literature and activism to his Humanities class.

Ms. Jazly Liriano
IMC, Urban Agriculture Club

Jazly joined the CCSC team in 2017 during the 2016-2017 school year. Before coming to CCSC, Jazly taught Science at a charter school in New York City and has been a teacher since 2016.


Mr. Nick Lontz
Learning Specialist

Prior to joining CCSC, Nick worked as a Special Education Teacher for Phoenix Charter Academy in Lawrence. Among other things, he is responsible for providing services to 12th grade students with IEPs.


Mr. Derek Norman
Principals of Science

Prior to CCSC, Derek was teaching middle school science in Florida.




Ms. Samantha Prystawik
Learning Lab

Samantha graduated from school in May and this is her first teaching job. She is from Wisconsin but moved to attend school in Minnesota for the last three years. In her role, Sam supports classes as well as specific students throughout the day.

Mr. Leonard Russ
Dean of Students

Mr. Russ previously worked at Roxbury Prep Charter HS as an Alumni Services Coordinator, School Social Work, and Head football before joining the CCSC community. Prior to entering education, Mr. Russ worked as a Clinical Therapist at the Counseling Center providing therapy for children, teens, and adults. He also conducted group therapy with adolescent boys and co-facilitated group therapy within the correctional system for adult males.

Ms. Alicia Timas
Learning Specialist

Alicia is very excited to start her first year at CCSC! Prior to coming to this school, Alicia worked as a special education case manager at a public high school and a counselor at a residential school in New Hampshire. Much of her career so far has been focused on mental health within special education and she is excited to bring her knowledge to the CCSC community.

Mr. Soren Tjernell
English, English AP, US History 2

Soren loves all things rhetorical, grammatical, and political, and therefore can’t believe his good fortune in finding a job that pays him to discuss these things all day long. Before joining CCSC, Soren taught 8th grade Humanities at a charter school in Boston, and before then taught at a charter school in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was born and raised, and to where he returns periodically to remind himself that Cambridge isn’t in fact the most expensive place to live on Earth.

Mr. Jeff Vogel
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Prior to coming to CCSC, Jeff taught high school history for ten years, and spent five years working with schools across the country to improve their student outcomes. Jeff is responsible for the school’s academic program, including its curriculum, instruction, and academic data.

Ms. Maya Wilson
Study Hall, Substitute

Myah Wilson (Class of ’13) began her career at CCSC as a student and returned to give back and become a part of the faculty. Prior, she attended college in Atlanta for two years where she found her passion for advocacy and social justice through community work and activism. She hopes to fulfill her purpose through working directly with the youth. She is currently matriculating at Regis College.

Thank You Thursday 09.14.17

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! Here are 3 things to do RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already:

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Next, and more importantly, here’s our first shout-outs of the school year! These students and adults have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Middle School:

  • To GUSNIE P.L. for SCHOLARSHIP: doing an incredible job on the first math quiz
  • To CALEB W for COMMITMENT: having a really good conversation with a teacher
  • TO DANERY B for COMMITMENT: Excellent focus and perseverance through guided reading articles so far!
  • To AMANEALE R, JAELYN B and LYDIA B for COURAGE:  Attending the first Art Club meeting and easily becoming new members of the fold.
  • To MOHAMMED A. for COURAGE: having a positive attitude throughout his first two weeks at school!
  • To KEDDRICK D. for COMMITMENT: pushing himself to focus and get his job done in the classroom!
  • To BLESSING, KIDUS and NIKITA for COMMITMENT: pushing themselves through a challenging honor’s assignment in IMC!
  • TO MARCUS S.P. for COMMITMENT: for working hard throughout classes in his first two weeks of school and his first two weeks at a new school!!!
  • To MESHELL B. for COURAGE: for settling into CCSC so quickly with such a positive attitude!
  • To NATALIE DV for COMMITMENT: pushing herself to get through a tricky math quiz last week!
  • To DULIA E. for COMMITMENT: for settling into the school year with a positive attitude and strong work ethic!
  • To VISHAK for COURAGE: putting in a lot of hard work in IMC this year!!
  • To TREVELL for COMMITMENT: bringing a positive, upbeat attitude into multiple classes even when the work is challenging
  • To KEDDRICK D for SCHOLARSHIP and COURAGE: Thinking out loud with me about what you’d like to work on this year, setting goals for yourself, and being open to learning new strategies to help get to those goals!  Impressive.

High School:

  • To DANASIA B for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP for openly encouraging classmates to focus during Spanish class.
  • To MICHAEL T and ALI F for SCHOLARSHIP: incorporating lexicon terms into class discussions – setting a great example for your classmates!
  • To AMANUEL G for SCHOLARSHIP: excellent work in humanities in modeling how to size up an exit ticket
  • To AMIR A for COURAGE: rough start to senior season, but determined to get back up and make the most of it.
  • To SUDARNAH for SCHOLARSHIP for detailed reasoning and making connections in physics (from a classmate)
  • To BRIANNA for CITIZENSHIP for checking the homework (from a physics classmate)
  • To AMANUEL for COURAGE for thoughtful sharing about norms in class (from a physics classmate)
  • To JELANI and ROHIT for COMMITMENT for taking on the challenge of not one but TWO college classes this semester!
  • To SHANE R. for CITIZENSHIP: After realizing the social/historical implications of a comment he made, he pulled me aside and apologized. 
  • To ANEEYA L. for CITIZENSHIP: Holding myself and the class accountable to using the respectful and appropriate language when  talking about specific cultures 
  • To ALBATOOL A, MIA S and OLIVIA Z for COMMITMENT: Taking the lead in Art Club as the veterans in the group.
  • To MICKALE for COMMITMENT: setting high goals for his tenth grade year!
  • To ASHLI K. and VALONICA R. for COURAGE: advocating for themselves when it’s needed!
  • To SATOYA I. for SCHOLARSHIP: for killing it ALL THE TIME that colleges are already noticing!
  • To MONIQUE M and MARLY J-F for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: being punctual and diligent keeping our appointment to work on college application essays (even though I wasn’t)
  • To KENDLY J for CITIZENSHIP: Thank you for the nice chats when you stop by my office!  You’re such a friendly, warm person and we’re lucky to have you in our school.


  • To Ms. ALEXANDER, Ms. HENRY, and Mr. RODENAS for CITIZENSHIP: stepping up to start Study Hall for Middle Schoolers last Friday when there was some confusion. Mr. Nomani
  • To Ms. DaSILVA for CITIZENSHIP: shared her class syllabus with me which helped me write my class rules. Thank you.
  • To Ms. WILSON and MS. ABRAHAM for COURAGE: taking on a brand new role and jumping right in, supporting students and holding standards high for kiddos. Mr. Nomani
  • To Mr. RUSS for SCHOLARSHIP: modeling for me how to have tough conversations with students really calmly. Mr. Nomani
  • To Ms. GALVIN for SCHOLARSHIP: thinking very critically through the needs of her department, supporting her team, and working towards constant improvement. Mr. Nomani
  • To DAKOTA LUIS for CITIZENSHIP for being so contagiously positive on Monday morning.
  • To MS. GRAMS and MR. PACE for COMMITMENT: stepping in to support English 11 classes and contributing to discussions!
  • To. Ms. ABRAHAM for COURAGE: diving into this merit work, making it her own, and bringing positive vibes (and treats) to our community!
  • To MS. LAM for CITIZENSHIP: helping me revise my LP late notice 
  • To MS. LUIS for CITIZENSHIP: checking on my well-being 
  • To MS. GRAMS for COMMITMENT: working behind the scenes to get all the things her kiddos need to be successful this year with an ever positive attitude too!
  • To MS. LIRIANO for COMMITMENT: tightening up IMC seamlessly for year 2 🙂
  • To MS. HENRY for COMMITMENT: being an incredible thought partner on all things reading.
  • To MR. PEREZ-LUNA for CITIZENSHIP: I always enjoy seeing your class when I’m in our classroom because you teach and interact with students so calmly, respectfully, and encouragingly. It is really awesome to see!
  • To MS. NORRIS for CITIZENSHIP: always being willing to talk through concerns with staff members and respond to them with honesty, empathy, and clarity.

Thank You Thursday 6.15.17

It’s time for our final round of shout-outs for the year!

Students are wrapping up their last full week of classes and everyone is gearing up for Benchmarks and Roundtable presentations next week. Taking time to thank one another, even during this busy time of year, is part of what makes CCSC such a strong community.

Middle School:

  • To MOHAMED A. for COMMITMENT: Always offering to help out in science and being a great helper with laptops throughout the year.
  • To DARLENIES C. for COMMITMENT: for always being diligent about getting work done and doing your best job.
  • To HIBA E, NADIRA F, MOHAMED A, and LOGIAN A for COMMITMENT: Holding down the fort in 302 every day at lunch, bringing positive attitudes in spite of empty stomachs. Great representatives of your faith!
  • Shout out to Humanities 8.2 WINSTON, AMANUEL, JALIL, BERNICE, RODRIGUEZ, KALIYAH, CARLTON, KARLA, TIM, LEO, NEAH, BERNICE, AZALYDA, JAEDEN, DEANNA, LOVENSKEE, BRIANA, KARLEA AND KEVIN for CITIZENSHIP: creating and uplifting the classroom culture for the last work week of school. I know it was hard but we got through it together! I will miss you dearly!!
  • To ZALMA for COMMITMENT:  Always ready to share what you know about roundtable questions.
  • To MOUNA for COMMITMENT:  Never giving up on IXL standards that are challenging.
  • To KIDUS for SCHOLARSHIP:  Being an academic leader all throughout RT prep.
  • To ROWIDA for COMMITMENT:  Always ready to study for IA 4!
  • To PRIONTI for SCHOLARSHIP:  Respectfully correcting peers thinking to get their answers from good to better to best!
  • To HEINZ T-V for COMMITMENT: making a game plan to get your work in!
  • To HORUS W for CITIZENSHIP: it’s been great getting to know you better this year – you’re kind and curious and so nice to talk with!

High School:

  • To REBA-GLORY C. for COURAGE: Always saying ‘hi’ to me whenever you see me – Ms. Records
  • To DAIJA M and CALEB T for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP for staying on top of make up work all the way through the last week of school
  • To KAMARI WEAVER for CITIZENSHIP: Solid self advocacy around taking Benchmarks!
  • To MONIQUE M for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP:  Contributing her considerable musical talents and leadership skills to guiding the CCSC chorus to a beautiful performance at graduation.
  • To ALL JUNIORS for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: taking the college application essay unit seriously, agonizing over details and structure, being resourceful asking staff and classmates for feedback, and ultimately producing high-quality work
  • To ISABELLE M, YISHAK A, BRENDON B, ANDY L, and NHALA S for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: giving their peers useful feedback on college app essays. Thank you for doing my job when I couldn’t!
  • To DIANE PL, CAHEL S, WO WEI L, JEREMY D, ALI F for COURAGE: volunteering to present their Slide show early.
  • To THE 10TH GRADE for COMMITMENT: taking computer science all year as their “elective”.
  • To SAMANTA B for SCHOLARSHIP: reaching out about getting extra feedback on her RT letter
  • To ERIK L for SCHOLARSHIP: digging into in class review time rather selfishly and powerfully to prepare for next week.
  • To ALEXANDRIA P for COMMITMENT: continuing to edit her college application essay beyond the due date and in response to feedback on the rubric.
  • To ASHLEY T for SCHOLARSHIP: tackling a lengthy to do list with confidence during the most tired week of the school year.
  • To RAYKWON R for CITIZENSHIP and COURAGE: for engaging in honest, thoughtful conversations.


  • To MS. JEAN-LOUIS for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: Taking time out of lunch to have an important conversation with me and a student.
  • To MS. HENRY for COMMITMENT: Taking part of your prep period to come visit PS6
  • To MR. DINEEN for CITIZENSHIP:  Sharing a water bottle in a time of need!
  • To DR. MOLK for CITIZENSHIP: An inspired and inspiring speech at graduation!
  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: for her benevolent leadership, logistical quarterbacking , and musical talent supporting the chorus’s graduation performance
  • To MR SETON for CITIZENSHIP: For helping to put away rogue laptops Tuesday when he didn’t have to. Much appreciated!
  • To MR REID for CITIZENSHIP: For moving a really big, heavy box for me. #Hercules
  • To HUNTINGTON and LIRIANO for CITIZENSHIP for holding down 6th grade advisory with me this year—it has been a pleasure!
  • To SETON, NORRIS, HURST-HILLER, RIESER, ISAAC for CITIZENSHIP: being understanding to every kind of circumstance I have had as a Faculty member this year.
  • To DINEEN and OSEI for CITIZENSHIP: holding their head high through all usual and unusual circumstances throughout the year.
  • To the 8th grade GLT!! FOR CITIZENSHIP and COURAGE: a new team conquering 8th grade together for a whole year!! We did it!!
  • Shout out to TAPS, MR. REID, MRS. GALVIN (MEL) for COURAGE for all the work they school to provide to make things run fluidly in our community
  • To MS SONG for SCHOLARSHIP: using her boss grammar skills to give deep feedback to all juniors on their college application essays for hours and hours and hours and hours.



Thank You Thursday 5.25.17

It’s time to give SHOUT-OUTS to students and adults who have personified the four core CCSC values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

Middle School:

  • To HEINZ TV for SCHOLARSHIP:  Persevered through two sessions of roundtable prep to complete 1 plus 2/3rds of his cover letters, and setting up his timeline for completing the rest of his assignments and cover letters.  Outstanding!
  • To HIBA E for COURAGE: Incredibly mature email to her principal, advocating for important issues. Way to be a change maker!
  • To YODE for SCHOLARSHIP: Doing the right thing in Humanities and keeping her group on track.
  • To GAELLE for SCHOLARSHIP: Doing all her work in Humanities.
  • To ARIAM for COMMITMENT: Participating more in class.
  • To TREVELL for COURAGE: Reading in Spanish while reading La Linea
  • To DULIA and MEL for COMMITMENT: Keeping others in their group on track and focused.
  • To ZION for COMMITMENT: Doing the required reading and being focused.
  • To JOSE for COMMITMENT: Doing all of his work without complaints.
  • To TESLIE, KALIYAH, CARLTON, PATRICIA, GELLE + ELMER for COMMITMENT: awesome focus for 2+ hours knocking out RT letters on Monday!
  • To JORDANY D. for SCHOLARSHIP: Asking his peers great questions during work time.
  • To ROWIDA for COMMITMENT: Celebrating her IMA class after a productive study session
  • To MOHOMED for COMMITMENT: Coming in the morning to work on One in Disguise Project.
  • To CHRISTINA, MOUNA, MUNIRA for COMMITMENT: Being productive during study hall to work on One in Disguise Project
  • To MOHOMED A. for SCHOLARSHIP: for consistently leading the class into positive and deeper thinking math discussions
  • To KAILANI for COMMITMENT: for always being a wonderful scribe in PS6.
  • To ELMER T. for SCHOLARSHIP: hard work in IMC to understand graphing inequalities
  • To STANLEY L. for SCHOLARSHIP: hard work in IMC to understand graphing inequalities
  • To NAHSHON Y. for COMMITMENT: pushing himself to stay focused in IMC and get a good grade on his CW
  • To ANNA B., AZALYDA W., DEANNA P. and JACKIE L. for SCHOLARSHIP: for consistently putting in her best on classwork in IMC by thoroughly showing her work!
  • To KIANIS G., WIGUERLANDE B. and ANDRONAELLE L. for SCHOLARSHIP: consistent participation during Do Now reviews in PS8!
  • To STANLEY L. for SCHOLARSHIP: incredible accuracy on forces in Physics unit in PS8!
  • To WEDGINA N and KEVIN T for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: working hard on their RT letters and working with me to edit them
  • To KIANIS GP for SCHOLARSHIP: brainstorming with me to think of more precise wording for parts of her RT letter

High School:

  • To ASHLI K for CITIZENSHIP for helping me in class (from a physics classmate)
  • To VALONICA for COMMITMENT for doing her best this week (from a physics classmate)
  • To WEDDERSON for SCHOLARSHIP for helping me with graphs in class (from a physics classmate)
  • To JESSICA for COURAGE for doing her work (from a physics classmate)
  • To SERINA M for SCHOLARSHIP: Looking at one of your best quarters ever! Keep it up.
  • To MIKAYLA D for SCHOLARSHIP: Pushing yourself to have an amazing year; finish strong!
  • To CHRISTIANA S for SCHOLARSHIP: Such a strong quarter 4! Keep it up!
  • To REBA GLORY C for SCHOLARSHIP: Amazing Huck Finn essay!
  • To LANCE U for COMMITMENT: Doing your best to get caught up in the past few days
  • To ASHLEY D, MENA K, and ANEEYA L for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: getting their HRG homework done on time, even though I sent it out late
  • To ASHLEY T (11th grader) for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: staying focused throughout the college application essay work period as well as being honest and detailed in her draft
  • To ISABELLE M for COMMITMENT: passion for and inquisitiveness about creative writing
  • To CHRISTNALY C for SCHOLARSHIP: strong starts for two potential college application essays
  • To SAMAYIA W. for COMMITMENT: for getting a TON of work done on All School RT day!!
  • To MICKALE A. for COMMITMENT: for pushing himself to get strong work done during All School RT day!
  • To ANEEYA L. and SATOYA I. for COMMITMENT: for working productively and getting a ton done during All School RT day!


  • To MS. RIPA for COMMITMENT: Always right on top of what students need in order to leverage their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and succeed.
  • To MS. DUCHARME & MS. SMITH for COMMITMENT: Incredibly active help with students on RT Prep Day.
  • To MS. NEBIOLO for CITIZENSHIP: For being flexible and helpful to a teacher in need
  • To MS. DUCHARME and MS. RIESER for CITIZENSHIP: For substantial support of Humanities 10
  • To TAPS for CITIZENSHIP: Always available to give some good advice
  • To MS. AJANAKU for CITIZENSHIP: returning both me and Mr. Morris’s laptop cart keys. Thank you!
  • To MR. SUCHECK for COMMITMENT: For running a really successful RT prep day for our advisories.

Thank You Thursday 2.2.17

It’s time for our weekly round of shout-outs for the CCSC values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. Take a look!

Middle School:

To 8th Grade Humanities (8.1 section) for COMMITMENT: in organizing to make Ms. Luis feel very welcomed.

To NARESA for COMMITMENT: in bringing goodies for the class.

To DARIUS for SCHOLARSHIP: doing exceptionally well in class participation.

To JACQUELYN, BENJALYS, and BRYAN F. for SCHOLARSHIP: Pulling together and working as a group to build a tower over 30 inches tall in science.

To ERMEYAS, and KIDUS for SCHOLARSHIP: Great teamwork during the tower challenge last week, and creating the tallest tower in your class.

To HIBA, MARHARWITE, and CHRISTINA T. for SCHOLARHIP: Building a recycled paper tower with only 2 inches of tape, <10 mins., and breaking all records- tallest tower I’ve ever seen for this engineering challenge!

To KAILANI, NIKITA, and JOLIE for SCHOLARSHIP: Having the most creative and sturdy base for your paper tower last week.

To ISABEL, MOHOMED, AJANAE, LISA, and LOGIAN for SCHOLARSHIP: Building a tower over 30 inches in science class last week!

​​To WISGUERLANDE B. for CITIZENSHIP: being a supportive member of Ms. Ripa’s HRG!

​To MASIAH S. for COMMITMENT: pushing himself to complete old work in IMC to get credit back!

To ANNA B. for COMMITMENT: consistently crushing it academically in IMC or in HRG!

To DARIUS P. for CITIZENSHIP: for getting work done when it counted.

To KIANIS G. for COMMITMENT: for continuous participation in PS8!

To IMAD G. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday

To DEANNA P. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To ANNA B. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To MITSOU V. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To JACKIE L. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​

To KARLEA D. for COMMITMENT: for pushing through difficult geometric proofs on Monday​​

To ELMER T. for COMMITMENT: for pushing himself in IMC and getting more classwork completed! Way to go.


High School:

To TAMIA and CeCe for COMMITMENT: for being great role models and looking out for a younger student.

To STEPHANIE for COMMITMENT for sticking to her work (from a physics classmate)

To ORION WILLIAMS for CITIZENSHIP: Great focus during MCAS prep!

TO the STEM CLUB (MAYA, ROHIT, ALVIN, and KAMARI W) for COMMITMENT: For working hard outside of school and at Novartis to stay on top of your projects!

TO JONATHAN HS for COURAGE: For going above and beyond by reading in an awesome British accent during Ms. Nebiolo’s theater HRG.



To MS. RIPA for COMMITMENT: sending such thoughtful shout-outs so regularly!

To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP for fixing my projector and making copies for my class during her prep.

To COACHES AJANAKU, FRIEDMAN, MORRIS, JEAN-LOUIS, RODENAS and BAEZA for COMMITMENT: Keep pushing our student-athletes towards all-around excellence through a brutal and long winter season. Thank you for going the extra mile each week. – Gibson

To MR. GIBSON for COMMITMENT: Pushing the girls basketball team!

TO MS. NORRIS for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP: For our semi-regular coffee chats about books and authors, and for lending me a book!

TO MS. DASILVA for CITIZENSHIP: For always offering help, whether it be providing creative opinions on something or lending your art materials! And always with a smile J

To MS. LUIS for CITIZENSHIP: thanks for supporting IMC despite all the other worries you have. Those kids feel supported by YOU!

To MS. TECCA for COMMITMENT: for expressing interest in Italian Club!

To MR. SETON for COMMITMENT: for troubleshooting with HRG!

To MS. HUNTINGTON for COMMITMENT: for always coming with clarifying questions about students accommodations or modifications 🙂

To MR. PEREZ-LUNA and MR. SUCHECK for COMMITMENT: your excitement about Italian Club makes me so excited to lead it too. Thank you both for being dynamite people!

To MS. WHEATON for COMMITMENT: thanks for your support in the IEP meeting last week and questions about amendments. Despite the ton of work, I feel confident with your help 🙂

To Mr. DINEEN for COMMITMENT: Taking time to facilitate a conversation between a teacher and a student.