Meet the NEW 2017-2018 Staff and Faculty!

Ms. Gaëlle Abraham
Study Hall, Typing, Cooking Club

Gaelle is an alumni of CCSC, from the the first graduating class. Prior to her return to the school, she worked with preschoolers / toddlers and with trauma teens as behavioral youth councilor for Germain Lawrence – YouthVillages. Gaelle also attended culinary school but returned to CCSC to continue her work with children because she believes that adults have such an important impact on children.

Ms. Lindsay Baglien, RN

Lindsay came to CCSC in 2017, during the 2016-2017 school year. Prior to her current role as school nurse, she worked as a nurse in the emergency departments of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, and St Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center in Chicago. She also works as a flight nurse for international medical escorts / retrievals on a per-diem basis. Lindsay is responsible for the health and wellness of students and faculty, and adhering to the regulatory requirements set forth by the Department of Public Health.

Ms. Erin Barno
Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus

Before joining CCSC, Erin was a 6th grade Mathematics teacher at a Boston Public School. She has been a teacher since 2015.



Ms. Savannah Bradley
Precalculus, Varsity Softball, Student Council

Savannah is recent graduate of Harvard College and is currently earning her Masters in Education while teaching through the Harvard Teacher Fellows Program.


Ms. Shaniqua Choice
US History 1 and 2

Prior to her current, Shaniqua was a MATCH Corps tutor and Sposato Graduate School of Education Fellow. Shaniqua is dedicated to the school’s mission by teaching rigorous content and holding the students to the highest expectations.

Ms. Mary Ellen Costello
Special Programs Administrative Assistant

Mary Ellen is responsible for scheduling and maintaining special education records.



Mr. Ariel Garcia
Technology Integration Associate






Ms. Katie Gowell
Spanish 1, Spanish 4

Katie has taught previously in Peru and traveled extensively.




Ms. Lauren Grams
IMB, Learning Lab, Humanities, IMC Lab, Humanities Lab

Lauren previously completed a full year of student teaching in Chicopee, MA.



Ms. Cassandra Grey-Sautelet
Development and External Relations Coordinator, Cross Country, Track & Field

​Cassie most recently completed the role of Marketing & Events Manager for the Kendall Square Association and previously worked as an architectural designer for various architecture and engineering firms. She currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Sustainable Healthcare for Haiti, a nonprofit organization based in Greater Boston, and on the Board of Directors for Ruth’s Way for Women and TSC Childcare.

Mr. Jake Haskel
Guidance Counselor Intern

Jake was a Teach For America Corps Member in Baltimore, MD where he taught Spanish to students in grades K-8 for 3 years. Most recently, he was a guidance counselor intern in the Newton, MA school district. He is currently in his second year of graduate studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education pursuing his 5-12 school counselor license.

Mr. Christopher Hope
Admissions and Outreach Coordinator

Chris is responsible for satisfying CCSC’s student recruitment needs, and leading the Admission’s Student Ambassadors team. When not at CCSC, Chris is musician, DJ, and on-air personality.

Mr. Reuben Howard

Reuben is originally from Texas but moved to the Boston area for his undergraduate studies and fell in love with New England. He is a part of the Harvard Teacher Fellow’s second cohort and is passionate about social justice work in education. Reuben brings his deep love of literature and activism to his Humanities class.

Ms. Jazly Liriano
IMC, Urban Agriculture Club

Jazly joined the CCSC team in 2017 during the 2016-2017 school year. Before coming to CCSC, Jazly taught Science at a charter school in New York City and has been a teacher since 2016.


Mr. Nick Lontz
Learning Specialist

Prior to joining CCSC, Nick worked as a Special Education Teacher for Phoenix Charter Academy in Lawrence. Among other things, he is responsible for providing services to 12th grade students with IEPs.


Mr. Derek Norman
Principals of Science

Prior to CCSC, Derek was teaching middle school science in Florida.




Ms. Samantha Prystawik
Learning Lab

Samantha graduated from school in May and this is her first teaching job. She is from Wisconsin but moved to attend school in Minnesota for the last three years. In her role, Sam supports classes as well as specific students throughout the day.

Mr. Leonard Russ
Dean of Students

Mr. Russ previously worked at Roxbury Prep Charter HS as an Alumni Services Coordinator, School Social Work, and Head football before joining the CCSC community. Prior to entering education, Mr. Russ worked as a Clinical Therapist at the Counseling Center providing therapy for children, teens, and adults. He also conducted group therapy with adolescent boys and co-facilitated group therapy within the correctional system for adult males.

Ms. Alicia Timas
Learning Specialist

Alicia is very excited to start her first year at CCSC! Prior to coming to this school, Alicia worked as a special education case manager at a public high school and a counselor at a residential school in New Hampshire. Much of her career so far has been focused on mental health within special education and she is excited to bring her knowledge to the CCSC community.

Mr. Soren Tjernell
English, English AP, US History 2

Soren loves all things rhetorical, grammatical, and political, and therefore can’t believe his good fortune in finding a job that pays him to discuss these things all day long. Before joining CCSC, Soren taught 8th grade Humanities at a charter school in Boston, and before then taught at a charter school in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he was born and raised, and to where he returns periodically to remind himself that Cambridge isn’t in fact the most expensive place to live on Earth.

Mr. Jeff Vogel
Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Prior to coming to CCSC, Jeff taught high school history for ten years, and spent five years working with schools across the country to improve their student outcomes. Jeff is responsible for the school’s academic program, including its curriculum, instruction, and academic data.

Ms. Maya Wilson
Study Hall, Substitute

Myah Wilson (Class of ’13) began her career at CCSC as a student and returned to give back and become a part of the faculty. Prior, she attended college in Atlanta for two years where she found her passion for advocacy and social justice through community work and activism. She hopes to fulfill her purpose through working directly with the youth. She is currently matriculating at Regis College.

Honors Reading Groups Kick Off

Ms Riesers's middle school DEAR group.
Ms Riesers’s middle school DEAR group.

Our DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) silent reading program just got a little louder. All students now have the option of joining one of seven honors groups and talking is encouraged. Lead organizer and humanities department chair Henry Seton believes the new groups will spark students’ interest in reading as well as sharpen their comprehension and discussion skills. Students can earn a GPA bump on their humanities grade based on their participation in the student-led discussions and the annotations they make in the texts (not literally in the books but on stickies!).

_DSC0496Over 100 students opted into this fall’s honors groups, which meet once a week and are themed to touch on topics outside the regular curriculum. For instance, Mr. Seton is leading a group on books about food and cooking, and the group’s first text is a memoir entitled, “Yes, Chef” by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson. Head of School Caleb Hurst-Hiller, a former humanities teacher, is leading a group on sports in society. The students in Spanish teacher Laura Efron’s group on gender are reading a graphic novel “Fun Home” by Allison Bechdel. Math teacher Tabitha Schober is facilitating a group on race, and history teacher Eva Lam’s group will delve into readings on current events like the Ebola epidemic and same sex marriage. There are two middle school sections, each led by Katie Rieser, formerly a humanities teacher and now dean of curriculum and instruction. Both Ms. Rieser and Mr. Hurst-Hiller are excited at the chance to take off their administrator hats and get back in the classroom during DEAR.

Ms Schober's group
Ms Schober’s group
Mr Seton's group
Mr Seton’s group


Summer Academy Welcomes New Students & Teachers

Summer Academy Faculty
Summer Academy Faculty

We are midway through our Summer Academy for new students. About 100 rising 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders are at CCSC every weekday morning for four weeks, taking humanities and math courses and learning the ropes, from the dress code to classroom systems like Homework First boxes, Do Nows, Shout Outs, merits and, yes, demerits. Continue reading “Summer Academy Welcomes New Students & Teachers”

Hour of Code: Anybody Can Learn

Middle school girls during the Hour of Code
Middle school girls during the Hour of Code at CCSC

CCSC students were among the estimated 15 MILLION young people worldwide participating in this week’s Hour of Code. Organized by the nonprofit, the event offered free online tutorials designed to introduce students of all ages to computer programming. Continue reading “Hour of Code: Anybody Can Learn”

All in the Family

Author Andrea Cheng leads a discussion as her mother looks on.
Author Andrea Cheng leads a discussion as her mother looks on.

It’s not often that high school students have the chance to meet the author of a book they are reading in class. Even more rare is the opportunity to meet the person whose life story inspired the book. So the students in Ann Cheng’s 9th grade humanities class hit the jackpot last week when both the author and the subject of Marika, the historical novel they have been reading, visited their classroom. Continue reading “All in the Family”

Hamlet Soliloquies for Modern Times

Sir Laurence Olivier as Hamlet in the 1948 film
Sir Laurence Olivier as Hamlet in the 1948 film.

The seniors in AP English Literature are reading Hamlet. While Shakespeare’s language may be unfamiliar to the millennial generation, teenagers of any era can relate to Hamlet’s angst-filled internal debate. Teacher Chase Ferree asked students to compose and read aloud a soliloquy about a personal dilemma. Here are three examples, each reflecting a modern anxiety Hamlet might have trouble understanding. Continue reading “Hamlet Soliloquies for Modern Times”

Top 5 Reasons to Go to College

Radio 107.1 broadcasting from Mr. Seton's classroom
Radio 107.1 broadcasting from Mr. Seton’s classroom

“Why go to college?” was one of the prompts given to 7th grade students for a humanities assignment to write an ear-catching radio ad. In addition to providing students with an opportunity to hone their persuasive writing, the unit also helped them develop the public speaking skills and the confidence to “sell” their ideas in front of an audience that also included faculty and staff guests – great preparation for Roundtables, which this grade will do for the first time at the end of the year. Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons to Go to College”

Have No Fear, the Common Core is (almost) Here

commoncore1We hardly had a chance to celebrate our students’ performance on the 2013 MCAS exams – in case you haven’t heard, CCSC 10th graders earned a #1 ranking in English for the second straight year – when the Boston Globe ran a front-page article with the headline, “Online exams may replace MCAS tests.”

As the story explained, the new online tests will be piloted this year and next as part the state’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards. Continue reading “Have No Fear, the Common Core is (almost) Here”

Choosing to Succeed…Because

New mural painted by 2013 graduates Charde Hunt and Shadia Ahmed.
New mural painted by 2013 graduates Charde Hunt and Shadia Ahmed.

Our school motto (“Because success is a choice”) is a daily reminder that everyone here has chosen to attend or to work at CCSC and that success is the outcome that we hope – expect — will follow from making the choice to join our community and to embrace the values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. So, as we begin another school year, it’s good to reflect on why we made that choice and on what we hope to gain from the experience of being at CCSC. Continue reading “Choosing to Succeed…Because”