Students Preview “Science Behind Pixar” Exhibit at MOS

_DSC0002This summer the Museum of Science will premier an exciting new exhibit called “The Science Behind Pixar.” On May 13 five CCSC middle schoolers were invited to preview parts of it and to participate in market research that will provide the exhibit designers from MOS and Pixar Animation Studios valuable feedback on the user experience. Continue reading “Students Preview “Science Behind Pixar” Exhibit at MOS”

Bio Students Take Part in Harvard Science Outreach Lab

2015-03-17 10.02.23Students in Ms. Seward’s biology class spent a morning last week at the Harvard Science Center, dissecting calf hearts under the supervision of Harvard post-docs and graduate students. The lab also asked students to measure their ECGs before and after using a treadmill in order to see how their own hearts’ electric signals respond to exercise. The opportunity for high school students to work in a college-level lab facility is one of the goals of Harvard’s Life Sciences Outreach program. Ms. Seward and learning specialist Daniel Fish accompanied the group.

More photos are available on the CCSC Facebook page (some are not for the squeamish).

Students Visit Harvard Biotech Lab

_DSC0063CCSC is fortunate to be located near Kendall Square, the world capital of the biotechnology industry, and a few blocks from MIT, whose research labs spawn so much innovation in the sector. But let’s not forget that there’s another major research university two miles down the road, and last Tuesday a group of juniors hopped on the T for the short ride to Harvard, where they participated in the Amgen Biotech Experience lab. Continue reading “Students Visit Harvard Biotech Lab”

8th Grade Visits Museum of Science

_DSC0023CCSC’s main entrance on Bent Street faces south, toward Kendall Square and MIT, and with all the media attention focused on the development boom spurred by the innovation economy, it’s easy to forget that in the opposite direction – practically in our backyard – lies one of the world’s preeminent science museums.

In fact, with the 1951 opening of its modern facility on the Charles River Dam, the Museum of Science pioneered East Cambridge’s subsequent transformation from a regional manufacturing hub to a global center for technology and life sciences. As they walked to Science Park on the morning of January 9, our 8th grade students probably weren’t thinking about the vast changes in the neighborhood over the past half-century, but clearly they were looking forward to the chance to spend the day off campus, exploring the museum’s exhibits. Continue reading “8th Grade Visits Museum of Science”

9th Grade Visits MFA and Northeastern University

Students reflect on Kara Walker's "The Rich Soil Down There"
Students reflect on Kara Walker’s “The Rich Soil Down There” in the MFA’s contemporary art gallery.

The 9th grade class enjoyed a class outing on January 8. The field trip, organized by humanities teachers Katie Rieser and Heidi Thayer, included visits to the Museum of Fine Arts and Northeastern University.

At the MFA, students split into nine small groups, each led by a faculty chaperone, and fanned out across the museum’s sprawling galleries to track down a specific work of art that would serve as the basis of a challenging critical-thinking exercise. Once the group located their assigned painting or sculpture, they looked, discussed, and analyzed it in the context of the three essential questions that shape their study of humanities:

1. How does location affect who I am?
2. Who thrives in times of chaos?
3. What motivates us to reach our destinies? Continue reading “9th Grade Visits MFA and Northeastern University”