Thank You Thursday 4.28.16


There is a lot to be thankful for as we return from a hard earned April break and get settled back into the CCSC routine. Take a look at this week’s Shout-outs!

Middle School:

  • To SCHNEIDER SF for COMMITMENT: Working on a pile of missing HW this week that brought up your science grade by 20 points! Keep up the good work!
  • To NATALIE DV for SCHOLARSHIP:  Working incredibly hard in humanities.  Thanks for crushing it.
  • To ANTONIO S. for courage:  He is always willing to contribute his ideas and ask great questions during class discussions that help push everyone’s thinking.
  • To CALEB W for COMMITMENT to finishing his work, raising his hand more in class, and being more engaged overall!
  • MR. PACE’S IMC CLASS for COMMITMENT: for all entering class silently, completing the do now and having a great discussion around Venn Diagrams.
  • To DANASIA B for CITIZENSHIP: Always being a helper in math – helping your peers, your teachers and providing an example of what hard work and perseverance looks like
  • To KIANIS G for COMMITMENT: Making great use of her time during study group.
  • To AMANEALE R for commitment for digging into an essay even when he really, really didn’t want to.
  • To GIANNI H for commitment and scholarship for completing an outline on very difficult material
  • To JASSON R-Y for CITIZENSHIP for being willing to teach his peer how to calculate the standard deviation on a graphing calculator since his peer was absent the day before.
  • To KALIYAH and SOPHIA for SCHOLARSHIP for being great role models for partner work.
  • To DARLENIES C for commitment for reaching out to teachers to get support in completing work
  • To JUDELINE J for COMMITMENT: Pushing yourself to write a great essay in humanities instead of giving up on the difficult task.
  • To MARSHA M for CITIZENSHIP: For always being a positive presence in the hallways.
  • To BINIYAM T for COMMITMENT: bringing it every day this week. Having great posture and working really hard on his essays.

High School:

  • To CARLOS MF for CITIZENSHIP: Stellar grades in Q4.  Great way to end senior year!
  • To DWEAR C for CITIZENSHIP:  DC has been supporting his colleagues in chemistry by explaining complex concepts to his table partners and to the whole class – DC has a very impressive ability to understand science and explain it to others!
  • To CAMERON R for COMMITMENT: Working out a plan for makeup work before I could enev tell him he needed one. SO RESPONSIBLE
  • To ANTHONY B for SCHOLARSHIP: Major insights into Huck Finn that have pushed the whole class forward. Well-done!!
  • To PEDRO P for COMMITMENT for coming for help after school consistently and working hard to make sure his homework is accurate.
  • To DECARA H. for SCHOLARSHIP: for being so on top of our discussion of Hamlet this week.  She also said, “I actually like this book,” which is always a wonderful thing for an English teacher to hear from her student!
  • To YESEHAK A for SCHOLARSHIP: Really excellent connections during the Huck Finn discussion today
  • To TAMIA G for COMMITMENT: Doing a really excellent job of tracking discussions in class
  • To KERWEAN M for COURAGE: for having a difficult conversation bravely.
  • To JEFFERSON C for CITIZENSHIP: For taking time out to check-in with his advisor and with his peers.
  • To CORY M for CITIZENSHIP for helping another student on his writing by asking smart questions and typing his responses.
  • To JEFFREY B for COMMITMENT: Always bringing thoughtful contributions to history class, no matter what else is going on.
  • To ERIK L. for COMMITMENT for coming into school early just to get work done!
  • To SANIDE J for COMMITMENT: Staying after school every Monday, including her birthday, to study for the AP Chemistry exam.
  • To AKIRA V for COMMITMENT: Making it to Level 4 in Polyatomic Ion Practice!
  • To ALANA T for CITIZENSHIP: being willing to hold a peer accountable for getting HW done.
  • To DECARA H for SCHOLARSHIP: Just destroying Hamlet (in a good way)
  • To BEVERLY B for SCHOLARSHIP and CITIZENSHIP: Very focused work and active participation in Geometry this week AND for helping her peers with gentle guidance and support.
  • To KELVIN M for COMMITMENT:  great focus and follow through in Spanish class this week.
  • To CALEB W for SCHOLARSHIP:  killing it on Spanish HW and quizzes so far this quarter.
  • To AXEL W for SCHOLARSHIP: modeling strong critical art discussion
  • JOHANZEL RC for CITIZENSHIP: Sharing your knowledge of drafting outlines in humanities with a peer who was struggling.


  • To MS. DASILVA and Mr. PACE for CITIZENSHIP: Taking on an extra morning meeting when they could have had the day off.  Thanks!

Thank You Thursday 4.7.16

As a community we have a lot to be thankful for. Check out our weekly shout-outs!

Middle School:

To CALEB W for COURAGE: Politely self-advocating over email

To ELIEL P for SCHOLARSHIP: going above and beyond to find the total number of outcomes for rolling a die 6 times.

To CASEY T for SCHOLARSHIP: asking great questions during discussion about Cleopatra

To CALEB W (again!) for COMMITMENT: Turning in enough missing assignments to bring up your science grade over 25 points!

To DULIA E. and SCHNAUBELT B. for SCHOLARSHIP: winning the round of Science review against your teachers!

To HORUS W for COMMITMENT: Coming for help and bringing your science grade up to a B.

To LOVENSKEE D for SCHOLARSHIP: Creating an amazingly educational and entertaining video for your climate change project in science!

To KARLA F for CITIZENSHIP: always helping to pass out graded work in science every class. Thanks!

To ISABEL W, DYANI T, DULIA E, ANNA B and everyone else who went to Mr. Dineen on Friday for CITIZENSHIP: Taking a prank in good stride and being able to focus on their IA’s!

To JOHANNY C for COMMITMENT and COURAGE: you have impressed me with serious conversations about how to make improvement in a number of areas!

High School:

To LISA B for CITIZENSHIP: for taking the time to show me how to use the laminator.

To WAFAA for COMMITMENT for her hard work, from a physics classmate

To ARIANA for CITIZENSHIP for helping me with HW all the time, from a physics classmate

To JUAN and JOHANZEL for COMMITMENT for working hard, from a physics classmate

To JOHANZEL for SCHOLARSHIP for working really hard on, from a physics classmate

To SHADRA M for COMMITMENT: To understanding difficult assignments in her senior year!

To KAMARI W for COMMITMENT: Making it to school early for the past several days and joining us in MM!

To ISHRAT A for CITIZENSHIP: Sharing her ideas for social change in public forums!

To JOCELYN M-P for COURAGE: you are a brave and strong young woman.

To ADIA C for CITIZENSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP: you are just a wonderful person to talk with and CCSC is lucky to have you in the community.  AND, your energy and focus are in the right place for Q4 – keep it up!

To ALEX D for SCHOLARSHIP: awesome job bringing up your grades…keep it going!

2016 Senior Internship Partners

We are very thankful to our 2016 Senior Internship Partners. The local organizations listed below have given our seniors an opportunity to participate in a meaningful project and gain real-world experience in a professional setting.

If you are interested in participating in the Senior Internship Program next year, please send an email to

The American Red Cross

Benjamin Banneker Charter School

Boston Properties

Boston Youth Sanctuary

Brain Power

Breakthrough Greater Boston

Bright Horizons – Beacon Hill

Bright Horizons – Mass Ave

Bright Horizons – Tufts Medical Center

Cambridge Athletic Club

Cambridge City Council

Cambridge Innovation Center

Cambridge Science Festival

Central Square Business Association


Department of Public Health

East End House

Franklin Park Zoo

Greater Boston Conventions & Visitors Bureau

Harvard Square Business Association

Harvard University Native American Program

Hattie B. Cooper Community Center

Hispanic Black Gay Coalition

InnerCity Weightlifting

Kendall Square Association

Koch Childcare Center (MIT)

Massachusetts General Hospital

New England Venture Capital Association


Possible Project

Putnam Ave Upper School

Scout Magazine

Spare Change Newsletter

The Theater Offensive

U.S. Department of Transportation Volpe Center

UP Academy Holland

Young People’s Success Series


Thank you Thursday 2.4.16

It’s time for our weekly round of shout-outs for the CCSC values of commitment, citizenship, scholarship and courage. Taking time to appreciate each other for these qualities is part of what makes CCSC such a strong community.


  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP: Unfailing quiet generosity
  • To MS TUCKER  for  CITIZENSHIP  :helping me prepare for the quiz  (from a physics classmate)
  • To MS. M. GALVIN for CITIZENSHIP: producing Honor Roll certificates for me.
  • To MS R. GALVIN for SCHOLARSHIP: bringing Plickers into our 7th grade science class as a way to check for students’ understanding.
  • To MS. SCHOBER for COMMITMENT: Maintaining an impressive growth mindset, day in, day out.
  • To MR. PACE for CITIZENSHIP: Helping me out this week when I’ve been busy with play rehearsal
  • To MS. ALEXANDER for CITIZENSHIP: for being so supportive and holding down the classroom when I need help.
  • To  MS. ANOSIKE, MS. RECORDS, MS. TURNER, MR. FISH, MR. RICHARDS and the whole FEMALE/MALE MENTORING CREW for CITIZENSHIP: for doing an amazing job on Friday’s game night, and really being supportive.

Middle School:

  • To KEDDRICK D. for COMMITMENT: Willingness to try creative solutions
  • To GIRLS’ SOCCER and BOYS’ BASKETBALL for COMMITMENT: giving me a family at CCSC
  • To CASEY T and KEDDRICK D for COMMITMENT: Being really focused in science class Monday and Tuesday this week.
  • To KARINA B for CITIZENSHIP: Always greeting folks with a smile in the morning!
  • To KHAMARI A.S. for COMMITMENT:  Staying after school this week to boost his math grade
  • To MIKAEL R for CITIZENSHIP: Always willing to explain a topic to a peer who has a question
  • To ELIEL P for COMMMITMENT: Got 1000 Merits.
  • To KEDDRICK D. for COMMITMENT: Willing to write word wall definitions
  • To SAMUEL J. for COMMITMENT: Willingness to study all steps in the Engineering Process.
  • To ANISA J. for COMMIMENT Willingness ask great questions on homework assignments.
  • To KARINA B. for COMMITMENT: Willingness to reach out to ask how to show work.

High School:

  • To MIKAYLA, SAMANTHA and KEVINS for CITIZENSHIP for lending pencils to classmates (from your physics classmates)
  • To JAVIAN and CAHEL for SCHOLARSHIP for knowing a lot about this topic and sharing their background knowledge with classmates (from physics classmates)
  • To ROHIT, CAHEL, DIEGO, CHRISTIANA, EDEN, CECE, NEYHLA for CITIZENSHIP for helping a table partner or peer in physics class (from your physics classmates)
  • To JAVIAN, WILLY, KENEISHA, DASHAWN for COURAGE for leading and engaging in productive discussions and group work in physics class (from your physics classmates)
  • To ORION, DAGEMAWIT, JUAN for COMMITMENT for being on task, participating and doing well in physics class (from your physics classmates)
  • To CIARALI for COMMITMENT   : working hard(from a physics classmate)
  • To PAOLA, JAVIAN, DIEGO, CECE, CHRISTIANA, JAYLEN for CITIZENSHIP   : helping a table partner (from a physics classmate)
  • To DIEGO for COMMITMENT   : working hard even though he had a sore throat (from a physics classmate)
  • To  KERWEAN for SCHOLARSHIP   : doing well every day last week(from a physics classmate)
  • To  ORION for COMMITMENT   : working hard all last week(from a physics classmate)
  • To  NASIR, ORION, NAIKA for CITIZENSHIP   : helping a table partner catch up(from a physics classmate)
  • To LEWRY for COURAGE   : asking clarifying questions(from a physics classmate)
  • To MEKLITE for CITIZENSHIP   : helping a table partner stay on top of classwork (from a physics classmate)
  • To  DIANE, WAFAA for CITIZENSHIP   : guiding a table partner throughout the week (from a physics classmate)
  • To ISRAEL for CITIZENSHIP   : helping a table partner with notes when she was out of the room (from a physics classmate)
  • To SAMANTHA for CITIZENSHIP   : lending a calculator to a table partner (from a physics classmate)
  • To NAIKA for COURAGE   : participating a lot last week (from a physics classmate)
  • To CAHEL for COMMITMENT   : working hard and taking good notes (from a physics classmate)
  • To  ARIANA  for  SCHOLARSHIP  :knowing what EPE was  (from a physics classmate)
  • To ALI  for  COURAGE  :participating in class a lot  (from a physics classmate)
  • To SHYANNE  for  CITIZENSHIP  :helping me with physics HW  (from a physics classmate)
  • To BRENDAN for  COURAGE  :raising his hand more than before  (from a physics classmate)
  • To OLIVIA, BRENDAN and MIKAYLA  for  COMMITMENT  :working hard  (from a physics classmate)
  • To JUAN  for  COMMITMENT  :working hard in class  (from a physics classmate)
  • To LISA  for  CITIZENSHIP  :lending a classmate her notes  (from a physics classmate)
  • To PEDRO  for  CITIZENSHIP  :helping me and letting me join his group  (from a physics classmate)
  • To ALVIN for  CITIZENSHIP  :being helpful during the HW discussion  (from a physics classmate)
  • To OLIVIA  for  SCHOLARSHIP  :reaching her goal  (from a physics classmate)
  • To GIRLS’ SOCCER and BOYS’ BASKETBALL for COMMITMENT: giving me a family at CCSC

CCSC students participate in the MLK Day of Service

Over 30 CCSC students and teachers turned out for the Martin Luther King Day of Service to make Valentine’s Day cards that will be delivered to veterans and the elderly.

IMG_0453 IMG_0461 IMG_0485 IMG_0493

Nichelle C.
Arrionna D.A.
Enoch L.
Yusef F.
Ranjan R.
Alexis L.
Kalkidan T.
Beatriz M. A.
Walther N.
Daniel R.
Yanelly F. M.
Feven D.
Rudmann A.
Jefferson C. G.
Aynha N.
Keyenah C.
Christnaly C.
Sudarnah C.
Onyeka I.
Mathew K.
Sydney T.
Dagemawit T.
Nedjine D.
Jaylen A.O.
Jadah B.
Temesghen R.
Amir A.
Owen C.
Alex D.
Yesehak A.
Lance U.
Yohannes A.
Haben N.
Anthony E.
Yeabsera M.
Tameica M.


Thank You Thursday 1.14.16

Deep into their second round of Benchmark exams, students and teachers take a moment to recognize each other for exemplifying CCSC’s four core values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship and Citizenship.

Middle School:

  • To KARLA F for CITIZENSHIP: supporting a classmate’s performance endeavors over the weekend
  • To TIM Z for COURAGE: performing in front of a large audience this weekend
  • To RUTH W., KARLA F., FRANKLIN W., and HANAN S. for COMMITMENT: Being great scribes for your science classes this quarter. Thanks!
  • To NATALIE D.V. for COMMITMENT: always being willing to help out in science class.
  • To BLESSING O for SCHOLARSHIP: Great sharing of her mistakes in math class!
  • To PATRICIA S for COMMITMENT to studying for benchmark exams!

High School:

  • To ADIA C for CITIZENSHIP: Complementing a community member’s glasses.
  • To ALWALEED A for COMMITMENT: working hard over the weekend to make up work
  • To RANJAN R for SCHOLARSHIP: consistently focusing on, investing in, and contributing to English class discussions
  • To JASMINE E for COMMITMENT: great focus this past week or so, both in class and after school
  • To AALIYAH C for SCHOLARSHIP: writing a particularly excellent argument essay about censorship with sophisticated style and great attention to writing conventions
  • To ONYEKA I and PERARDINE I for COURAGE: writing consistently poignant, provocative, and articulate journal entries
  • To NICHELLE C for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: frequently explaining assignments and concepts clearly to classmates in English class and being focused, driven, and humorous
  • To the SENIORS in MS. ROBBINS’ AE for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: staying after school for benchmark study groups.  I’m proud to say that there were too many of you to mention!
  • To JUAN Z for COMMITMENT for working hard (from a physics classmate)
  • To ALVIN C for CITIZENSHIP because he was helping me on classwork (from a physics classmate)
  • To ARIANA H for COURAGE for presenting twice in one class period (from a physics classmate)
  • To ALVIN C for CITIZENSHIP for helping me out! (from a physics classmate)


  • To MS. TURNER for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: putting in many hours making sure that some of our young women could take advantage of a great leadership opportunity!
  • To MS. HAINES for COMMITMENT: Supporting and advocating for her advisees.
  • To MR. RICHARDSON and MS. ROBBINS for COMMITMENT: Staying extra time to help students prepare themselves for exams
  • To MS. DUCHARME for COMMITMENT: Making sure coverage happens for teachers even to the very last minute, even when it means jumping in with her own time
  • To MS. NEBIOLO for COMMITMENT: planning our honors reading group with me with great enthusiasm and knowledge
  • To MS. ROBBINS for COMMITMENT: supporting students leading up to benchmarks and meticulously checking in with teachers about assignments and exam content
  • To MS. TECCA for CITIZENSHIP: always being a positive, funny presence in the Bent staff room to some stressed out teachers
  • To MS. SANABRIA for CITIZENSHIP: taking time out on Saturday to partake in some conversation and coffee with me – thanks for being a lovely mentor!
  • To MR. REID for COMMITMENT: taking care of our wonky Charles building Keurig… We are thankful to have caffeine again.
  • To GUIDANCE and SPECIAL OPS DEPARTMENTS for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: supporting colleagues and students alike heading into benchmarks, a particularly anxiety-inducing time for many
  • To TAPS and BRANDON for CITIZENSHIP: Thank you for taking over the nurse role when I was home sick.
  • To MS. BRAGER and MR. RICHARDSON for COMMITMENT: staying after school with me to help students study for benchmark exams

Thank You Thursday 1.7.16

CCSC students started off the new year right by exemplifying our core values the first week back. Here are our Thank You Thursday Shout-Outs!

Middle School:

  • To KARLEA D-R for CITIZENSHIP: Greeting me cheerfully as her AE substitute teacher, and then running an important errand for me
  • To SATOYA I, ANEEYA L, PERCILLA W, SAMAYIA W, and ZABIB H for Scholarship and commitment when participating in the Benchmark workshop in advisory.
  • To NAHLA F., TIM Z., CHRIST G., FARIA, A., ANNA B., ELIEL P., DANIEL M., and JACOB W. for SCHOLARSHIP: Putting in 100% into your science work and earning an A+ for the entire year so far. Keep up the great work!
  • To JAYMIE MONTOUT and WISGUERLANDE BERLEUS for CITIZENSHIP: thanks for consistently helping out and taking leadership roles in advisory!
  • To PHILIP W for CITIZENSHIP: Bring in baby food for the food drive.
  • To MELANIE C for CITIZENSHIP: Helping out with the Homework First bin.
  • To SAMUEL J for SCHOLOARSHIP: Coming into IMA ready to complete SR before the timer.
  • To SALMAN EL H for CITIZENSHIP: Sticking up for his friends.

High School:

  • To DIONNE M and HAMZA A for COMMITMENT for being responsible and coming after school multiple times to ensure they finish the semester with the grade they want.
  • To BRENDAN B for SCHOLARSHIP: Really pushing yourself to make-up missed work. Your efforts are being noticed.
  • To SHANIA E, MARLY B, MARLEYNA B M for SCHOLARSHIP: Excellent poetry analysis this week – you’re doing thoughtful independent analysis and setting the example for participation among your peers. Keep it up!
  • To NAIKA G for CITIZENSHIP: Holding yourself and your peers accountable for doing good work! Keep pushing yourself as we head into exams!
  • To LUIS B R for SCHOLARSHIP: Always asking great questions.
  • To ALEXIS H M for CITIZENSHIP: Always interested in how others are doing
  • To DASHAWN D for SCHOLARSHIP for demonstrating knowledge of systems of equations excellently on is project!
  • TO TEYA S and ANNE V for COURAGE:  Not just once, but two times sharing original poetry with our Honors Reading Group!
  • To RAYKWON R. and OLIVIA W. for SCHOLARSHIP: nice job starting the new year with great focus and specific plans to stay after school.


  • To MS. ALEXANDER and MR. GIBSON for CITIZENSHIP: Always incredibly quick to respond and volunteer when coverage is needed. Thank you!
  • To MS. ALEXANDER, MS. COSTANZO, MR. G, MRS. NORRIS, MS. RECORDS, MS. JEAN-LOUIS, MR. KEELER, MR. BAEZA, MS. BRAGER, MS. DaSILVA, MS. AJANAKU and MR. RODENAS for CITIZENSHIP: The field trip to Chez Vous was a success.  Thank you for your time, support and patience as chaperones.  I cannot thank you all enough.
  • To MS. STEVENSON for CITIZENSHIP: Thanks for all of the support you are providing students, whether emotional support or helping with anxiety around exams.
  • To MS. THAYER for CITIZENSHIP: Thanks for being a great classroom partner.
  • To JACKSON for CITIZENSHIP for helping me understand how to use Excel!
  • To MS. ALEXANDER and MS. TUCKER for CITIZENSHIP for helping to recruit career speakers for our 10th grade advisories.
  • To MS. ALEXANDER and MS. BRAGER for COMMITMENT: Staying at CCSC till 8 PM to help recruit new Cougar families!

CCSC Welcomes 21 New National Honor Society Members

Last night CCSC inducted 21 new junior and senior members to the National Honor Society!

Of 106 juniors and seniors (not including those already inducted), only 35 students were eligible to be invited to apply for NHS membership.
Of the 35 students who could apply, 29 decided to do so.
After applying, students were assessed in four areas — scholarship, leadership, service, and character. A group of dedicated faculty gathered to discuss each applicant. This group ensured that our standards remain high and that membership continues to represent a special honor here at CCSC.
Of the 29 who did apply, 21 students were selected for admission into National Honor Society — 9 seniors and 12 juniors.

Mr. Nomani, High School Principal, Mr. Hurst-Hiller, Head of School, Ms. Anderson, Board Chair, and Ms. Sanabria, NHS advisor and Spanish Teacher all spoke of their excitement and pride in having the inductees as leaders of our community.

Our new inductees are:

Juniors: Damaris B., Berson E., Yanelly F.M., Mathew K., Alexis L., Beatriz M.A., Lina N. Walther N., Ranjan R., Anne V., Darianna Y.

Seniors: Yasmin A., Jefferson C.G., Nichelle C., Jordon D.M., Yusef F., Jose R.B,  Daniel R., Schnayma S.F., Sydney T.

Congratulation to our scholars and leaders!

Thank You Thursday 10-8-15

CCSC was full of gratitude this week. Check out our weekly shout-outs!

Middle School:

  • To DAWIT T for SCHOLARSHIP and COURAGE: excellent justification of answers in math class Monday
  • To HEAVEN W for COMMITMENT AND SCHOLARSHIP for saying focused and following directions the entire period of AE on Monday! – Ms. Glassman
  • To HEAVEN W  for COMMITMENT for staying focused for the entire period of AE! – Ms. Glassman
  • To ELLA S for COMMITMENT: Excellent behavior at lunch this week!
  • To GELLE S for SCHOLARSHIP: for working well with his new seat partner in the class. (Damian + Fay)
  • To All the SENATORS and REPRESENATIVES in the 7th Grade whose bills passed out of their Committees for SCHOLARSHIP: Excellent job creating bills that inspired your peers!
  • To HORUS W for CITIZENSHIP: Thank you for all of your effort in setting up the Information Tables on B2SN to make it a success!
  • To JOHANNY C for SCHOLARSHIP: for challenging peers by directing them to a specific spot in the text instead of telling them the answer during Reader’s Workshop! – Ms. Johnson
  • To MELANIE C for SCHOLARSHIP: for your contributions and level of participation during Reader’s Workshop! – MS. Johnson
  • To ELMER T for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: for your focus and participation during Reader’s Workshop! – Ms. Johnson
  • To KARLA F for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: for your great contributions and high level of participation during Reader’s Workshop! – Ms. Johnson
  • To SVEN P-D for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: for your amazing contributions during Reader’s Workshop! – Ms. Johnson
  • To HAROUN K for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: for your high level of participation and your excellent connections during Reader’s Workshop! – Ms. Johnson
  • To KAYA C for SCHOLARSHIP: for coming up with an example to clarify the definition of “bias” on the fly! – Ms. Johnson
  • To GIANNA P for COURAGE: for owning her actions and being honest about it! I appreciate it! – Ms. Johnson
  • To JAMA A for SCHOLARSHIP: for your contribution during the Reader’s Workshop discussion! – Ms. Johnson

High School:

  • To SHANTASIA J for CITIZENSHIP: dealing with frustrations with ease by honestly naming what is happening and mixing a little humor into the conversation
  • To ADIA C for SCHOLARSHIP: applying for a program which will support her in her (successful) educational journey.
  • To JOCELYN M-P for COURAGE: working on advocating for herself in school!
  • To MARLY B for CITIZENSHIP: being a supportive friend to a fellow CCSC student
  • To DESTINY M for COMMITMENT: Consistently excellent play on the volleyball court.
  • To DASHAWN D for COMMITMENT for working so hard in math and earning 100% on quiz 2! –Ms. Glassman
  • To LISA B for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT for finishing all her classwork in math lab with very few errors! – Ms. Glassman
  • To MIKAYLA D for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT for finishing all her classwork in math lab with only a few errors! – Ms. Glassman
  • To JAVIAN F, DIEGO L and KALIER RC for COMMITMENT for consistently raising their hands in class
  • To CECE M and ANAJAH H for SCHOLARSHIP for detailed, thorough explanations in sports video projects
  • To PEDRO P for CITIZENSHIP for setting a great example by consistently being present and focused after school
  • To CIARALI D and ORION W for COURAGE for coming to the science center yesterday to work on physics
  • To SHANE R for SCHOLARSHIP for showing curiosity about how things work in science class
  • To RAYKWON R, ROHIT C, ALVIN C and DORYANE J for SCHOLARSHIP for consistently neat and thorough work on physics problem solving
  • To LANCE U for SCHOLARSHIP – has been doing high quality Humanities HW
  • To MIKAYLA D for CITIZENSHIP- Positive attitude in class every day
  • To WAFAA M for SCHOLARSHIP- Being able to answer her classmates questions in humanities.
  • To JORDAN R for CITIZENSHIP: Thank you for all of your help organizing documents for B2SN.
  • To ALIYAH C, ISHRAT A, JADAA B, PERARDINE I for CITIZENSHIP: Thank you for all of your effort in setting up the food tables on B2SN to make it a success! (All of the beverages ended up in the PERFECT spot!)
  • To YOHANNES A, YESEHAK A, OMAR N for CITIZENSHIP: Thank you for all of your effort in setting up the Information Tables on B2SN to make it a success!
  • To PIERRELINE D for COMMITMENT: for coming in early to get work done! – Ms. Johnson
  • To ALISA B and ONYEKA I for COURAGE: for respectfully advocating for themselves! – Ms. Johnson
  • To EZEKIEL W for COMMITMENT: for the positive energy you’ve been bringing to Advisory! – Ms. Johnson
  • To JASMINE E for COMMITMENT: for emailing teachers about getting work for an upcoming absence! – Ms. Johnson
  • To DESTINY M for CITIZENSHIP: for helping my advisee get organized! – Ms. Johnson
  • To GARRY R C for COMMITMENT: for coming in early to get work done. – Ms. Johnson
  • To JENNIFER Q for COMMITMENT: for helping a peer get organized! – Ms. Johnson
  • To ZENIA W for COMMITMENT: for reaching out a teacher about making up a quiz! – Ms. Johnson
  • To BRENDAN B for SCHOLARSHIP: for your outstanding focus and contribution during Reader’s Workshop! – Ms. Johnson
  • To JOSEPH P for SCHOLARSHIP and COMMITMENT: for successfully balancing school and Robotics! – Ms. Johnson
  • To CIARALI D, SHANE R and PEDRO P for COURAGE and COMMITMENT: for advocating for themselves! – Ms. Johnson
  • To DEVIN N O and ALEXANDRIA P for CITIZENSHIP: for ALWAYS being so helpful during lunch! – Ms. Johnson


  • To MS. JOHNSON for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: Once again providing incredibly detailed, appreciative shout-outs for so many members of our school community!
  • To MR. LANDRY for COMMITMENT: Fixing things all the time
  • To MR. FISH for SCHOLARSHIP: using high level data collection methods to continuously track student progress
  • To MR. MORRIS for COMMITMENT: tireless planning in order to ensure a well-executed, family-centered Back-to-School Night
  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP: For not making fun of fit-throwing and for maple syrup.
  • To MR. SETON for CITIZENSHIP: Supporting a colleague with scheduling needs.  Thank you!
  • To MS. LAM for CITIZENSHIP: Taking on ASLC las week without asking for anything in return.  Hail Premier Lam!
  • To MS. RIESER for CITIZENSHIP: Being so supportive of teachers.  Thank you!
  • To MR. LANDRY and MS. ROBBINS for COMMITMENT: For all of the hard work you guys do.
  • To MR. ISAAC for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: going above and beyond in his work with a student.
  • To MS. MEDRANOS-DORLEANS for COMMITMENT: working so hard last week on all of the planning she was involved in, while also finding time to continue to support individual students.
  • To MS. COSTANZO, MS. PIERRE, MS. STEVENSON, MR. BATEMAN for COMMITMENT and SCHOLARSHIP: working hard to support students, and learn and grow in their careers!
  • To MR. GIBSON for CITIZENSHIP: Coaching so many kids and being such a terrific mentor to so many staff at CCSC.
  • To MS. JOHNSON for COMMITMENT: Sharing cool resources with the Special Programs department.
  • To MS TUCKER for COMMITMENT: she fills many roles and helps many students and teachers at CCSC, and does it all with admirable grace!
  • TO MS. JOHNSON for COMMITMENT: Her students are always working whenever they are in small group.
  • To MS. ALEXANDER for SCHOLARSHIP: Really cool vocab list with great examples for her kids.
  • To MS. HENRY for COMMITMENT: Constant Warm/ Strict balance when working with students.
  • To MS. SCHERER for CITIZENSHIP: So impressed watching your class!
  • To MS. TUCKER for CITIZENSHIP: for getting students to think positively about their Roses and Thorns, and really pushing students to be more vulnerable in our advisory.
  • To MS. HENRY for CITIZENSHIP: for giving me tips on what language to use with students regarding Chromameter.
  • To MR. RIED for CITIZENSHIP: for all of the thankless work you do to behind the scenes to make this school run from day to day, and on big events!
  • To MS. AJANAKU for CITIZENSHIP: allowing the use of 125 for families and Informational Tables at B2SN.
  • To MR. BATEMAN, MS. PIERRE, MS. EISON-WASHINGTON, and MS. TURNER for CITIZENSHIP:  You each are such integral parts of our community this year! Really appreciated you being such staples in B2SN.
  • To MS. ALEXANDER for CITIZENSHIP: allowing the use of your car several times this week!
  • To MS. HAINES for CITIZENSHIP: for saving my dying computer by letting me borrow your laptop charger!
  • To MR. HURST-HILLER for COMMITMENT: for being physically present for his CCSC family during BTSN, and making time to virtually be with his actual family via FaceTime!
  • To MR. MORRIS, MS. GALVIN, MS. TAPS, MR. REID, MS. TECCA, MS. SMITH, MS. ROBBINS, and anyone else I’ve left out (sorry): for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: for planning and executing such a great night, and for being so supportive!
  • To MS. SALOME and MS. GALVIN for CITIZENSHIP: thanks for the continuous laughs and support!
  • To MS. POST for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: for knowing your students well and ALWAYS putting their needs first, and for your positive energy and support!
  • To MS. FERRARA for COMMITMENT: for being so proactive at preventing health-related emergencies at CCSC. Thank you!
  • To MS. GALVIN for CITIZENSHIP: for ALWAYS helping me get where I need to go. Thank you!
  • To MS. MAKARIOUS for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: for sharing a great vocabulary with me!
  • To MS. SANABRIA for CITIZENSHIP and COMMITMENT: for suggesting much-needed organization time in Advisory!
  • To MS. COYLE and MS. TECCA for COMMITMENT and CITIZENSHIP: for finding and organizing interpreter services for BTSN. It was amazing to be able to chat with parents and guardians!!

Thank You Thursday 9-24-15

Thank you thursday is when teachers recognize their students and students honor each other for exemplifying CCSC four core values of Courage, Commitment, Scholarship and Citizenship. 

Middle School:

  • To SOLOMON P for COURAGE and CITIZENSHIP: Politely stopping Ms. Norris in the hallway to ask a question. Great job self-advocating.
  • To FRANKLIN W for COMMITMENT: To showing great self-control at lunch!
  • To JOHANNY C for CITIZENSHIP: Help at lunch!
  • To JALIL for CITIZENSHIP: enthusiastically joining multiple CCSC clubs and teams in the first few weeks of school
  • To ANISA J for COMMITMENT:  Advocating for yourself in really positive ways.
  • To FARIA A for SCHOLARSHIP:  Your excitement for reading and analysis of your new independent book helped me to understand the text better.
  • To TREVELL H for COMMITMENT:  You’ve made excellent seating choices in class and have been self-disciplined this week.
  • To DANIEL M for SCHOLARSHIP:  Making a text to world connection about John Snow that helped us understand his role in medicine in the late 1800s.
  • To ELIZABETH C for COMMITMENT:  Putting forth a strong effort to be self disciplined and on task during Humanities.
  • To CHRISHAWNA T for COURAGE and COMMITMENT:  Thinking about our community and how to help repair relationships after conflict.
  • To KEDDRICK D for COMMITMENT:  Making good self-disciplined choices during Humanities so we can focus on content.
  • To KARINA B for COMMITMENT:  You are committed to being joyful and having a great attitude and it makes us all happy, and better.

High School:

  • To KYRA L and DORYANE J for SCHOLARSHIP: Being the first algebra students to complete an honors assignment
  • To DASHAWN D for SCHOLARSHIP: Earning an A on his math quiz!
  • To DESTINY M for COURAGE: Stepping up at the volleyball game on Tuesday!
  • To NEYHLA, DIONNE, JAYLEN, ISRAEL, REBA-GLORY for COMMITMENT: staying after school to work on physics